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The Essential Beginners Guide to Turkey Hunting
“Secrets To Hunting More Turkeys”

Bill Murphy $ 29.97


The Essential Beginners Guide To Turkey Hunting is a collection of tips and secrets from turkey hunters, instead of opinions of a single ‘turkey hunter-expert’. This book reveals tips for hunting turkey more successfully that are “practical, applicable and instantly useful.”

If you are new to turkey hunting or if you ever had a question about hunting turkey that remained unanswered, you owe it to yourself to read this book. It will show you a new, more successful world of turkey hunting.

Here is a short descriptions of what you’ll discover in this ebook:


Discover which states have the best hunting grounds for the kinds of turkeys YOU want to hunt.

Learn how to get an out of state hunting license and why you need to HURRY!

We’ll show you the best states for turkey hunting, the bag limit AND we’ll clue you in to the price of resident and nonresident hunting licenses!

You can hunt turkeys in the spring and the fall, but you’ll need to know exactly when the turkey hunting season is for your desired destination. Find out how to easily get that information here.

Which documents every turkey hunter should have on them and the best way to carry them.

Never tracked turkeys before? Learn how HERE!

Make sure you take along the right supplies and equipment. Get started with this list!

Bow hunting or hunting turkeys with a gun? Which one is right for you?

3 Kill Shots every Bow Hunter MUST Master!

Although you don’t have to use a gun that is specifically made for turkey hunting, some guns are better than others. Here’s our take on the best guns for turkey hunting!

The most popular types of turkey calls and how they work!

8 Turkey Hunting mistakes every hunter MUST AVOID!

Here it is! Step-by-Step instructions on how to field dress your turkey!

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