Boar Hunting Tutorials – Why are the printed versions more expensive than eBooks?

Hunters  interested in the printed versions of the tutorials “ Signs of the Beast” and “ Boar Rifles, Hunting Methods, Shot Placement” notice the wide spread between the price per tutorial in the digital and the printed versions. You may ask yourself why?

Besides the obvious answer that it is much more expensive to produce a paper version of any document or book because of production times and materials involved, there is yet another major reason for the discrepancy between the two prices.

Both tutorials have a high number of images. Most of them are in full color. Reproducing high color pictures in an electronic media is easy and inexpensive as long as the picture originally exists in a digital version. Today almost all images are available in digital form and on traditional media. Digital images are computer files that can be copied and transferred easily, almost without costs.

Not so when we transfer a digital image to a printed version. Though the original may also be a digital picture that is embedded in the text of a book, it needs to be analyzed by some rather expensive equipment, color corrected to print color-true on paper and then transferred to the print media.

This requires special equipment and skilled workers in the print shop. Neither comes inexpensively.

Yet there is another factor that influences the final book price: Printers do not work for free either. They have to make a profit in order to stay in business. The profit margin is added to the actual production cost of the book as a surcharge.

There you have it. Printed books by their very nature have to be more expensive. Additionally, the more high color picture a book has, the more expensive it becomes to produce it. Text only books costs little to produce compared to illustrated books.

Our tutorials have between 80 and 100 pictures each on between 90 and about 100 pages. Consequently, the cost of reproducing these pictures contributes significantly to the overall price of the work.

But readers do not have to pay the high price of the print book. There is always the eBook version. It is inexpensive. Its contents are identical to those of the book.


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