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Boar hunting books and manuals for hunters of all skill levels. All books are available from Amazon, Create Space and Barnes & Noble. 

Boar Hunting eBooks 

Hunting Boar and Wild Pigs – The Definite Guide to More Successful Boar Hunting in California and Elsewhere.

Peter Jaeckle, 146 pages, numerous illustrations and pictures. A practical handbook with information and advice for the beginning boar hunter. A classic among boar hunting books. Check out the Kindle version here. Or visit Barnes & Noble

Hunting Wild Boar – Hunting a world citizen made easy

Peter Jaeckle, 78 pages with many new pictures and illustrations. This booklet is a compliment to “Hunting Boar and Wild Pigs …”. It adds new information and introduces new angles and insights. The current Kindle version is on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble for their Nook devices. 

Boar hunting Manuals (eBooks)

Series title: On Hunting Boar. These boar hunting books are concise, easy to read and to understand introductions into important aspects of wild boar hunting. The author designed the booklets as no-nonsense manuals for specific boar hunting aspects, such as signs of the presence of wild pigs, how to locate hogs; boar rifles are another important topic.  The booklets are available as eBooks from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Signs of the Beast

Peter Jaeckle, 69 pages with 70 pictures and illustrations. A primer on locating specific wild pig populations in known pig country by finding, interpreting and using the signs they leave behind. This anthology of boar and wild pig hunting explains in great detail and with over 70 pictures the many signs wild pigs leave behind, how to interpret them correctly and how to locate boar more reliably. 

Read more about the boar hunting book on Amazon (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Boar Rifles, Hunting Methods, Shot Placement

Peter Jaeckle,90 pages, over 35 illustrations. The author analyzes important aspects of boar hunting, such as traditional hunting methods, weapons requirements, hunting cartridges, bullets and their effects. Anatomy of wild pigs and shot placement. Written by a hunter for hunters the manual concentrates on the practical aspects of boar hunting rather than getting lost in rave reviews of the specifics of makes and models of hunting rifles and their ammunition. Need to know what does the job reliably every time? Read this manual.

Available at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).


Printed Boar Hunting Books

The content of the printed boar hunting books is identical with the corresponding eBooks. The difference is the price. If you prefer holding a book in your hand while reading instead of staring at a small screen, the print versions are for you. If you want to be able to look something up in the book or read where no power and Internet is available, the print versions are for you. Check out details at CreateSpace.  

Read detailed descriptions of our printed books, check prices and order directly from Create Space by clicking on the link next to the title picture of a book.

Signs of the Beast


Boar Rifles, Hunting Methods, Shot Placement

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