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Boarbook Excerpts

Click on any of the links below to read excerpts from our books and boar hunting tutorials. These boar hunting book excerpts are taken from earlier versions of our digital books on hunting boar. Excerpts from revised boar hunting books and manuals may be slightly different.

Series “On Hunting Boar”

Signs of the Beast

How to identify boar signs, boar hunting methods.

Boar Rifles, Hunting methods, Shot Placement

Basic considerations of boar rifle calibers, bullets, loads, rifle types, how to select a good boar rifle.

Hunting Wild Boar – Hunting a world citizen made easy (Excerpts) “Hunting Wild Boar” gives beginning and less experienced boar hunters a reliable, compressed means of getting up to speed. In fact, after reading this book hunters will already know more than the average wild pig hunter.

Other Boar Books

Wild Boar in California – Where and How to Hunt

This is the granddaddy of our books on hunting boar in California and the entire United States. It describes in thorough detail what every hunter must know about boar and wild pigs to become a better, more successful hunter. “Wild Boar in California . . .” emphasizes more than ever before boar anatomy, behavioral patterns, daily routines, habits, habitat requirements, hunting weapons and methods used in pursuit of the elusive boar. Moreover, the book embeds and links the obligatory lists of private ranches, outfitters, hunting ranches and hunting on public land to keep information up to date. (1999, third edition)

Amazing Pigs – Mysterious Boar

Amazing facts, observations, information about those often maligned pigs. Read this and you just might change your mind.