Calling Boar Rifle Bloggers.

As stated before, traffic is the life blood of every blog or digital publication of any sort. One of our favorite topics are boar rifles and their use in hunting boar and wild pigs.

We have a proposition to make to bloggers who just started a blog or are thinking of starting a new blog on boar hunting (as if there were not already many) with special emphasis on boar rifles and other boar hunting weapons. We have a book on the topic and published a number of article about boar rifles, cartridges, calibers, bullets and so on. As part of the general expansion of our hunting and fishing topics we are seeking to expand the number of articles on weapons for boar hunting.

So, if you know the subject very well and believe you have something of original value to share with your fellow hunters, please contact us so that we may explore how we can each other. You can reach as at Though this is not a paid position now, you can benefit greatly from guest blogging for the California Hunting Post by getting your name out there as an expert on the subject. This will definitely increase overall visits to your blog, since we will include a link to it in your profile.

You can read more about the advantages of guest blogging for budding bloggers in an earlier article on the subject published here.






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