‘On Hunting Boar’ is moving

New URL: wildboarbook.huntingboar.org

On Hunting Boar’, the first and preeminent digital site for books on boar hunting in California and worldwide, is moving.
The site features foremost our boar hunting books, hunting tutorials and other select boar hunting related materials. These materials are of an educational nature. They are not daily news and developments. On Hunting Boar contributes to the boar hunting community since 1989 with books and manuals on boar and big game hunting, hunting weapons and techniques both current and historical.

The move does not affect the contents of the publication. All of it has been moved to the new URL. However, there may be an occasional page that does not link properly. We are working on correcting this flaw.

New location of On Hunting Boar’: wildboarbook.huntingboar.org