On Hunting Boar – Not another California Hunting Post

Why do we need a website, we asked ourselves.We already publish the California Hunting Post. It is an active periodical with lots of information and reports on all aspects of hunting boar and wild pigs in California and beyond. Would a traditional website not just be a duplication?

No, not necessarily. The new website centers on our series of books and hunting tutorials, news and discussions about them and to information about our authors and what they are up to.

The California Hunting Post on the other hand provides weekly and daily information on important news and significant developments related to boar hunting,big game hunting and hunting in general. We also keep track of noteworthy legislative trends and environmental considerations.

Visits us at the California Hunting Post for up-to-date information. Look here for in-depth information on our other publications, for communications with the author(s) and on how to contribute.