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Summertime and the snakes are biting

Advertisements But a new antivenom is in the works. More than ever before, boar hunters and outdoors people are encountering venomous snakes. The number of snakebites requiring antivenom is rising dramatically across the United States. This is not an entirely new trend but rather the continuation of a development that has been observed during at […]

California dove hunts opening soon

Advertisements Apply now for statewide dove hunts on public and private land. CDFW is accepting applications for California dove hunts right now. California has a split season for dove hunts. The first half of Calfornia dove hunts opens on September 15, 2019, and lasts until 09/ 15, 2019. The second statewide dove season runs from […]

Marijuana plantation shut down in Sacramento County

Black Market Marijuana Grow Eradicated in Sacramento County On July 12, officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife closed down a black-market marijuana plantation on State land in Sacramento county. In the process, they discovered signs of poaching, trash, and firearms. The raid was the culmination point of a complex investigation by CDFW […]

Feral pigs 2019 in California and worldwide

– Where are they? The short answer is wherever they find seasonal food. Summer in California means feral pigs 2019 go for fruit, mast, and roots, tubers, and invertebrates. As omnivores and opportunistic feeders, they eat whatever comes along or they find that looks like food to them. That can be anything. Look for them […]

Are bow and arrow effective boar control?

Farmers and owners of agricultural properties are screaming for relief from the damage to their goods by increasing boar populations. A local Italian government agency is hoping bow and arrow could make a dent in the burgeoning boar populations. Yet, wildlife experts, biologists, and other agencies are really without a clue how to control the […]

Illegal Marijuana Grow in Tulare County

Wildlife officers at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) discovered and shut down another illegal marijuana grow operation in Northern California. The officers served the search warrant on June 21, 2019, at a location south of the city of Alpaugh in Tulare County with the assistance of the Southern Tri Counties High Intensity […]

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