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Year: 2011

Lone Gray Wolf OR7 Now In California

Advertisements December 29, 2011   DFG News The California Department of Fish and Game just announced that yesterday Gray Wold OR7 crossed the California State line and is now in northern Siskiyou County. Advertisements Gray  wolves are a federally protected species. His progress and whereabouts will be closely monitored. The wolf wears a radio collar.His […]

February 2012 Turkey Hunting Clinic at Tejon Ranch

Advertisements The Department of Fish and Game, the Hunter Education Instructor Association of Southern California and the Tejon Ranch jointly offer an advanced turkey hunting clinic on February 18, 2012. Dave Holbrock, experienced turkey with many years of experience in turkey hunting, will be lead instructor. The clinic will address decoy placement, blind design, ballistics, […]

Department of Fish and Game Casts Holiday Present To Anglers

Advertisements In the Bay Area, that is. Good news for fishermen in the Bay area, just in time for the Holidays and leisurely times ‘between the years’. But what are fishermen in southern California going to do? Where are our fish? Maybe we will find out soon. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear about that […]

“Hunting Wild Boar” – Borrow a FREE copy from Amazon

Advertisements An experiment  “Hunting Wild Boar”, the new primer based on articles and information published since the original publication of the classic boar book “Hunting Boar And Wild Pigs The Definite Guide To More Successful Boar Hunting” is available for FREE through the new program Owner’s Lending Library by Amazon. More . . . about the […]

Lone Gray Wolf Moving Into California

Go south, young man, go south! Read this exciting report just published by the California Department of Fish and Game. I know ranchers will be itching to make the wolf have an ‘accident’. They will without doubt claim that the animal would otherwise decimate their cattle herds. I do not expect deer hunters to welcome […]

Drawing for Joice Island Pig Hunt at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area

DFG News December 13, 2011    Once again it is time to think about turning in your application for the annual Joice Island Pig Hunt. Applications for the hunt must be submitted before the close of business on February, 10, 2012. The drawing is on February 14, 2012. A total of 24 hunters will be […]

“Hunting Wild Boar – Hunting a world citizen made easy”

is a new book on hunting boar and wild pigs by Peter Jaeckle, Ph.D.The new work is an addition and compliment to the boar book ‘Hunting Boar And Wild Pigs – The Definite Guide To More Successful Boar Hunting’ by the same author. This hunting book reflects to a great extent new writings by the […]

More Funds For Environmental Improvement and Acquisition Projects

Wildlife Conservation Board earmarks 22.3 million. DFG News December 08, 2011 The California Wildlife Conservation Board in cooperation with the Department of Fish and Game just published a list of 19 projects selected during the last meeting of the California Wildlife Conservation Board for restoration and protection of wildlife habitats in California. The funds are […]

Let Your Light Shine – Become a hunter education instructor for 2012

DFG News 12/07/2011 Are you an experienced hunter? Do you like to share the joy and challenges of experiencing outdoors and of hunting with others? Well, the California Department of Fish and Game has an offer for you. In 2009 you could have shared your experiences with 30,000 budding hunters. You can contribute your share […]

European Wild Boar In Their Natural Habitat.

A pictorial follow-up to the article ‘Charged by a Wild Boar . . .’.Intrigued by the author’s remark that the sow “… looked like a 55 gallon drum with legs and a head” I looked for pictures of such a beast in its natural environment. True wild Eurasian boar in a real European forest – […]

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