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Penny auction for wild boar hunt for two – taken off line.  

We reported about this penny auction, a first of its kind, months ago. After the bid had reached an all time high of 5 cents, the boar hunting auction went temporarily off line.

It came back for a brief period of time. Now it is gone again for at least two months.

In October Robert Ford, CEO of Outdoor Sportsman Auctions, gave the official reasons for this decision:
“As many of you know Outdoor Sportsman Auctions has had challenges from outside forces trying to shut our site down.

In the past 2 weeks alone we have had over 3000 fictitious accounts created by people outside of United States.

We have been working on programming issues behind the scenes but recent developments require us to take decisive action if we are to remain in business long term.

This will require extensive programming and site development work and will take about 2 months. Because of this Thursday October 6thwill be the last auction held until this work is completed. You can expect the same timely shipment of any won penny auction items as we have provided in the past. We expect to be back up and running live penny auctions no later than December 5th. . . “.

Interesting, indeed very interesting. I will find out more about the origins of the fictitious accounts from outside the United States.
In my opinion negative interference  could be due to competition, internal technical or business issues or be an effort by organized anti-hunting forces to destroy this unconventional site. Anti-hunting sentiments run very strong in Europe, for example, where the foes of all hunting go for nothing less than a complete ban on hunting.


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