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New Price For Guided Boar Hunts At Rancho San Fernando Rey


Compared to most other guided wild pig hunts in or near Southern California Rancho San Fernando Rey near Santa Barbara was a true bargain. And there were plenty of wild hogs living on the ranch. In fact, so many that ranch management started an intense hunting program in order to control their numbers and to prevent excessive damage to the environment, the  ranch animals and installations.

No more so. After months of intense hunting pressure on the boar, they have withdrawn to less accessible, higher elevations. No more 10 minute hunts. Now hunters and guide Marco have to work for their boar.

“We have hit them hard. Now the pigs have withdrawn into areas that are harder to access and to hunt”, says Marco. 
“And we had to charge more per hunt. Our guided hunts are now $ 400.00.”

Well, given the increased difficulties in locating and getting to the wild pigs, a price increase was most likely unavoidable. The fee is still at the lower end of the price scale. Now it compares to unguided hunts at the Tejon Ranch, Big Horn Ranch hunts and, maybe, a semi-guided hunt at the Bryson Resort.
I am not sure about the current prices of the latter since the management of the Bryson Resort still has not replied to our inquiry.

The price increase at RSFR apparently has put a damper on demand.
“We are booked well into January”, states Marco.


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