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Mountain Lion Eats German Shepherd in Fontana Backyard



A mountain lion jumped the fence into the backyard of a house in a north Fontana neighborhood. It attacked the 100 pounds German Shepherd on guard in the yard, mauled and killed it at around 03:00 in the morning on March 5, 2014. It then dragged the carcass over a fence towards the street.

When police arrived the mountain lion stood over his prey in the yard. He acted aggressively towards police in defense of his kill. Because of his display of aggression police shot at him with a handgun but apparently missed several times. He ran away. No blood trail was found.

Mountain lions rarely return to the place of a kill once they have been scared away. Not this one! He returned four times attempting to retrieve his prey.

Local police sent a swat team to search the area for the mountain lion assisted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. So far the aggressive mountain lion has not been found. If so, it will be most likely shot on sight because of his threatening stance towards humans.
 Swat team searching for mountain lion. (Photo by LaFonzo Carter/The Sun) at

In California mountain lions are listed as a protected species. They have made a strong comeback. Consequently, humans encounter mountain lions far more often than in the past as evidenced by several high-profile attacks by cougars on hikers that killed more than one human.


Panthers are solitary animals. Their mating season is generally between December and March. Is this a hint for the Fontana incident?

Mountain lions are normally not a great danger to humans, but hikers should avoid the hours around dusk and dawn when the panthers are most active.

Pets should be kept inside, not in a backyard at night. The German Shepherd killed was a female.

What to do when you encounter a cougar?

According to the Mountain Lion Foundation:

“. . . Maintain eye contact. Stand tall. Look bigger by opening your coat or raising your arms. Slowly wave your arms and speak firmly. Throw items at the lion if necessary. Give the cat room and time to move on.

In the rare event of an attack, fight back. Most people succeed in driving the mountain lion away.“



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