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Boar in the News April 2014


Judging by news reports from all over the world, wild boar or their cousins wild pigs have been actively creating mischief almost everywhere here in our country and elsewhere. Therefore it is not surprising to find them actively disturbing the piece in the Middle East.

Israeli settlers release wild boars on Palestinian farmland to destroy crops

is the headline of an article in Mondoweiss published on April 29, 2014. Mondoweiss is a new website that covers American foreign policy in the Middle East from a predominantly Jewish perspective.

According to the article by Chris Carlson Palestinian farmers in the district of Salfit complaint to local Palestinian and to International authorities that Israeli farmers released once again their boar (or wild pigs) onto Palestinian farm lands where they animals destroyed crops.

“We have encountered heavy losses in our wheat and barley crops, where the pigs destroyed them completely,” adding “We tried to get rid of the pigs with all available ways but we have failed”.

The farmers complain that the ban of firearms and guard/observation towers cause this failure. They cannot shoot the boar.

According to Palestinian ‘researchers’ Israeli settlers found that sending wild,d pigs into Palestinian farmlands is the most effective, least expensive way to fight Palestinian farmers. Israeli settlers are allowed to shoot the boar if and when they reach their settlements.

Haven’t we heard that story before? A long time ago.

Speaking about dastardly deeds:

Burglars release herd of pigs in Maesteg, S.E. Wales

Six people were arrested after they broke the fence to a farm in Bridgend county, South East Wales, and released numerous boar in the process. The owner of the pigs captured some of them but at least 40 are still roaming the countryside. The farmer and owner of the animals has a license to keep dangerous animals license and had fencing to prevent escapes.

Police warned people not to approach the animals but instead call emergency 101 for help, though police considers them not an immediate threat to the public. However, they say, the pigs are disoriented because they are not used to be in open country and therefore may charge humans that come too close.


BBC News (south East Wales) quotes Inspector Paul Thomas: “These animals are recognized as posing a potential threat. People should take as much care as possible.

“We are investigating the criminal damage and the release of dangerous wild animals, which can carry a sentence in prison.”

Eurasian Boar Prohibited In New York

There will be no such problems in the State of New York any longer. A law passed on October 21, 2013 makes it illegal to import, breed or release Eurasian boar. After September 2015 it will be illegal to to possess, sell, distribute, trade or transport Eurasian boars in New York.

That was not enough.

On April 23, 2014 legislature passed another law that prohibits the hunting or trapping of free-ranging Eurasian boar statewide. Legislatures claim that the law was necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness of statewide wild pig eradication efforts.

The new regulations exempts law enforcement officers, farmers, and landowners who are authorized take Eurasian boar to alleviate nuisance, property damage, or threats to public health or welfare. on 04/29/14

This is but another step in the direction of the complete eradication of wild pigs in the United States as pests and an invasive species. Though boar do cause crop and other damage if their populations are not controlled and kept at a low level, the ‘war against pigs’ is only a precursor of the bigger and more difficult war against hunting that is the ultimate goal of extremist environmentalists and animal rights activists.

When will the war against the invasive, non-native species of cattle start that are roaming our National Forests with the blessing of the Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy?


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