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Big Game Hunting 2015 Published


The California Big Game Hunting guide for 2015 is now available. Big game Hunting 2015 is a complete, detailed guide to big game hunting in California and rules and regulations about big game hunting.

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Big Game Hunting is the most complete compendium of big game hunting in California. It is a list of big game hunting opportunities, season dates, rules, regulations, hunting guides and sample applications for special hunts. The big game hunting index consists of 64 pages. In it you find listings for hunter education, general licensing information, deer hunting, drawings for special big game hunts, deer hunting, elk, antelope and bighorn sheep hunts, wild pig hunts, bear hunting, out-of-state hunting and to top it all of a summary of illegal hunting activities.

The brochure is well illustrated with many pictures that are exciting, well photographed and of documentary value. A long list of illustrations, drawings and sample forms and applications is an integral part of this brochure. Big Game Hunting Digest 2015 is a must have for any serious big game hunter.

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Deer hunters find a treasure trove of related data that will make applying for the ‘right’ tag in the best possible deer area much easier. Bear and elk hunters are not far behind. SHARE hunts have their own section of the guide.

Big Game Hunting proceeds from rather general topics (general info, licenses, etc.) to the specific. Such as species based hunts and hunting information (deer, elk, antelope, etc.), SHARE hunts, special hunts, hunter success statistics by species and region and so on.

Here is an excerpt from the brochure on wild pig hunting:


COUNT Y 3-year average reported take
Monterey 542
Kern 461
Tehama 315
Mendocino 292
San Luis Obispo 281
Sonoma 251
Lake 136
San Benito 126
Santa Barbara 123
Colusa 109
Santa Clara 88
Glenn 76
Shasta 71
Fresno 56
Tulare 44



Generally, wild pigs may only be taken using archery equipment, rifles, .40 caliber or greater muzzleloaders, shotguns and pistols, or revolvers. Knives and spears are not legal methods of take for wild pigs in California. Please see the California Hunting Regulations for Mammals and Furbearers (CCR T14-353) for detailed information.


Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve

CDFW provides limited-permit apprentice pig hunting opportunities at Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve near Gilroy. The hunts are conducted in coordination with volunteers from the California Deer Association (CDA) who operate the program.

Boar Rifle Book

Hunts are scheduled in the spring and fall, and applicants may only apply online by visiting hunts/cdlo. Due to the high demand, hunters who are unable to attend the hunt for which they are drawn must notify our office within 5 days of being notified that they were successfully drawn. Please only apply for hunt dates you can attend.

Successful applicants will be assigned a volunteer from
the CDA who will act as their guide for the duration of the hunt. Cañada de los Osos falls within the Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Area and non-lead ammunition is required for all big game hunts.

SHARE Program for Private Lands Hunting

CDFW provides limited entry permitted hunting opportunities on private and public lands through the SHARE Program. See page 39 for more information and pig hunting opportunities offered through this program.


Additional information about these hunts and others may
be obtained by visiting CDFW’s special pig hunts webpage:
The CDFW continues to work with resource conservation partners to provide these special pig hunts. Additional special opportunities will be announced on this webpage as they become available.

(CDFW Big Game Hunting 2015)

Hunters can download 2015 Big Game Hunting online from

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