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Fishing Closure Approved Sacramento River


April 18, 2015    The following is a copy of the article that was lost in the technical difficulties we encountered.

State Fish and Game Commission approved closure of Upper Sacramento River during meeting on April 17, 2015. Read details.

Upon recommendation of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife the State Fish and Game Commission approved recommendations for a fishing closure of sections of the Upper Sacramento River. Beginning April 27, 2015 5.5 miles of the river from the Highway 44 Bridge where it crosses the Sacramento River upstream to Keswick Dam will be under a total fishing closure. This stretch incorporates important river habitats winter-run salmon use for spawning.

This sector of the river is already closed for salmon fishing. However, trout fishing is still allowed. The new regulations impose an emergency fishing closure on all fishing in the affected sections of the Sacramento river, including trout fishing starting on April 27, 2015..

Wildlife experts hope that this total fishing closure will not only protect a critical habitat but also eliminate hooking mortality of winter-run salmon or stress from incidental hooking of a salmon during trout fishing.

We are taking proactive measures on two fronts to protect these endangered fish both in the ocean and on their natal spawning habitat,” said CDFW Chief of Fisheries Stafford Lehr. “The fishing communities have stepped forward to support these measures and work towards long-term sustainability of the resource. None of us wanted to be in this situation, but heading into a fourth year of extreme drought calls for extreme measures.”

Fishing closure - winter-run Chinook

CDFW stock picture.

The CDFW proposal to reduce the allowable ocean harvest rate on winter-run salmon and change the timing and location of ocean fisheries south of San Francisco was accepted by the PFMC after in-depth analysis, review and discussion,” said Marci Yaremko, CDFW’s representative to the PFMC. “

CDFW wildlife experts expect that the fishing closure and these new regulations will benefit a significant segment of the winter-run salmon by loss avoidance.

Given the gravity of the current situation, the Commission recognizes the need for highly protective measures,” said  Commission President Jack Baylis. “It is imperative that our fisheries are given the best protections.”

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