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Sow Trees Teenage Girls


Girls in the tree use cellphone to summon police.

Two teenage girls, ages 14 and 15, went for a late afternoon bike ride near Bruegge in the Ruhr, Germany. They came upon a small group of cute piglets. The girls decided to stop to watch the piglets play, since they did not see a sow anywhere.

Sow - sow and piglet
Sow with piglet (Ruhr Zeitung)

Suddenly a large boar appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The sow immediately started a spirited attack on the two surprised teenagers. Frightened and unable to mount their bikes to ride away, the two girls ran for the nearest tree. They climbed it frantically with the sow in hot pursuit.

Once high enough above the sow that was circling the tree, the teenagers used their cellphone to call police for help.

The police dispatcher gave them the private cellphone number of one of the officers. The girls used it to direct the officer to their precarious perch in the tree. Police could not find any trace of the sow and her piglets upon arrival. The enraged mother sow had moved on to safety together with her offspring.

Boar can reach a top speed of up to 30 miles per hour. Without doubt A sow will come close to that top speed in defense of her piglets. Climbing a tree was better than trying to out pedal a wild pig. Fortunately European children learn early not to try to outrun a boar but rather to seek safe refuge in the nearest tree. Enraged boar have been known to besiege a tree occupied by a terrified hiker.

The next story involves a few less fortunate sows and boars.

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Dead boar found floating in lake.

An angler fishing for carp in the frigid waters of a small lake near Maulbronn, Germany, caught something heavy on his hook. Working hard to reel in his catch he discovered that he had caught a dead boar instead of the carp he had hoped to catch. He immediately informed the owner of the local hunting lease of his catch. The hunter in turn summoned veterinary health services to determine the cause of death of the boar. Veterinary services could not immediately determine what killed the boar. There were no external injuries. Because of the possibility of a case of swine fever, police and fire departments searched the lake. They found another eight dead boar in various stages of decomposition. None tested positive for swine fever. The exact cause of death could however not be determined because of the advanced stages of decay.

Sow - This boar got away


Boar are good swimmers. They can also swim long distances. There were no natural obstacles around the lake that could have prevented the wild pigs from going ashore. Wildlife experts theorized that a sounder of boar attempted to cross the frozen lake broke through the ice. Breaking through ice is a death trap in almost all cases. Once broken the ice will continue to break away if an animal or person is trying to climb back unto it.


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