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Birth control pill for Belgian boar to stop population explosion


The question now is will it really do the trick? Some doubt it, others swear the pill will be an effective birth control method.

Wild boar were extinct in Belgium for decades. Now they are back with a vengeance expanding their numbers uncontrollably. Some people see the birth control pill as the solution for population control.

For over 50 years no wild boar called Flanders, Belgium, home. Now they are back and their numbers are expanding rapidly. Authorities, wildlife biologists, and even hunters are desperately seeking for a cure-all to stop the marauding wild pigs. No matter how intense hunting gets, the boar keep on reproducing at unstoppable, ever increasing rates.

birth contro pillbirth control pillThe result of the burgeoning boar populations is increasing damage to agriculture, more and more accidents with automobiles, and wild pigs moving ever closer to human populations centers.

In fact, Belgium is not the only European country facing out-of-control boar population growth. Almost all European countries share this burden. Overflowing wild pig populations are forcing governments to become creative. In response, authorities are starting to build fences to keep them out of their country albeit with very limited success.

Faced with a major boar problem in his town, a Belgian major has demanded that special feeding areas for boar be established as an elegant and animal-friendly solution” to control birthrates with the birth control pill for boar.

For the moment, there are really a lot of wild boars coming near the houses’, the mayor stated. That’s why I would like to take steps to limit the number of boars”, he added.

As you might expect, his idea of a birth control pill for boar is not without controversy. While the mayor deems it to be the most humane control method others are not so enthusiastic. They fear that mixing the pills with food does not guarantee sufficient doses uniformly. Other animals may find and consume leftover and spilled pills. That could lead to unintended side effects.

Yet, nothing in life is perfect. In juxtaposition to the huge number of boar versus automobile accidents and the extensive damage caused by boar to agriculture, a few sterile rabbits and deer do not look so bad.

birth control pill


The birth control pill for wild animals is not new. The pills have been used on feral horses and burros before. The most famous example, however, is the wild bison population on Santa Catalina Island off the California coast. Left behind after they served as props in movie productions, the bison expanded their numbers very quickly until they too became a nuisance, a dangerous nuisance at times.

The birth control pill for bison gave them the best of two worlds: Reduced reproduction rates and unlimited sex without penalties. Why then would you withhold these blessings from wild boar?


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