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Camp Roberts little known hunting and fishing opportunities


[two_third]Camp Roberts, the sleeper among the private hunting grounds in California, is located in Central California. It lies on both sides of the Salinas River in Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties in the community of San Miguel, California. That places Camp Roberts in the wild pig belt of California. The facility is a government-owned and operated army facility. The California National Guard runs it and uses the base as training grounds for the California Army National Guard.

Together with Fort Hunter Ligget, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Camp Pendleton, the camp is one of the hybrid facilities that are private to a degree but allow public access for recreational activities year-round. These installations are military in nature and, therefore, access to the properties is closed for military training exercises.

Camp Roberts

Moreover, there are usually numerous conditions, rules and regulations to fulfill and to observe to gain hunting access to the properties.

On the positive side, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are mostly good to excellent. The majority of feral pigs taken in California comes, for example, from these bases.

Camp Roberts has about 43,000 acres of vast and unique landscapes that provide hunters and anglers great opportunities to practice their hobby.

Hunters, anglers, campers, and other outdoor lovers must register before using the facility. Registration is by appointment between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. Registering requires an appointment with the hunting and fishing department at 805 365 5090 also between 8 am and 3 pm.

Camp Roberts

Hunters and anglers must have the licenses required by the State of California, follow rules and regulations that apply to their hobby, and know all rules and policies of Camp Roberts. Any violation of these guidelines, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures will lead to the revocation of the hunting and fishing privileges on the Camp as well as to a forfeiture of any fees paid. In addition, a violator may also be subject to penalties under California state law and, if applicable, federal fines.

Here are the most important forms and applications to file: Hunting Registration Form 2016.pdf, Weapons Registration From.pdf, Legal Release.pdf. Links to the forms are on the Camp Robers website.


The forms are refreshingly simple and most of them are just one page long. What a relief from some of the other military facilities that produce convoluted, multi-page works in the worst legalese.

For more information on Camp Roberts hunting and fishing, to register, and to get any current hunting opportunities go to


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