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Advanced Hunting Clinics 2019 openings available register now


[two_third]  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife sponsors and organizes advanced hunting clinics annually. These classes take hunters one giant step beyond the basic hunting safety courses required by law to receive a hunting license.

These advanced hunting clinics are designed to use education to promote conservation considerations and ethical hunting among successful hunters. Each advanced hunting clinic covers hunting weapons, ammunition, gauging distance, and sighting in a firearm. Scouting, tracking, safety, tracking, and field dressing are other major topics covered by these classes.

Advanced hunting clinics for 2019 follow these proven principals. A tentative schedule of advanced hunting clinics for 2019 is now available. Registration is open with plenty of open slots left to sign up for a clinic.

Among all classes, wild pig hunting clinics are among the most popular. Not surprisingly, the first advanced hunting clinic is scheduled for January 29, 2019, at the Compton Hunting and Fishing Club, 1625 Sportsman Drive in Compton, California from 09:00 am to 5 pm. This course deals with all aspects of hunting feral pigs.

Whether used as a refresher course or an advanced introduction to wild pig hunting, this advanced hunting clinic offers something to any hunter. Go and register while there are still openings left. Only 16 are remaining and they will go fast.

To register just go to and follow the instructions there. But remember, if you registered and cannot make it for some reason, please cancel your registration as soon as possible. It will give another hunter a chance and save you from an exclusion of advanced hunting classes in the following year.

For additional information contact Alan Gregory through the linked web form. Or, alternatively, email Alan directly at

Interested hunters can also find a copy of the tentative schedule of advanced hunting clinics for the first quarter of 2019 at

We will report on individual clinics in due time as always.


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