Wildsau taking over a sounder by fighting off established old males


Watch the exciting video of ranking fights between male boar, a Wildsau, in a German wildlife park. The German word for boar is wildsau or wild swine. The reckless driver of an automobile or a motorbike is colloquially called a ‘wildsau’. 

The German owner of a wildlife reserve decided to add some fresh new blood to the established blood lines of the sounder. He added a 250 kg (550 pounds) young male wildsau to the established mix of wildlife without first removing the old tuskers.

The result was predictable. The newcomer goes immediately about marking his new territory upon his release. Then he has to face challenges from the resident males to his arrival.

Watch the fight here between the wildsau here. It is an excellent demonstration of how wild boar fight each other and are also able to injure humans severely. No wonder these guys are sometimes called pant menders.

The 250 kg newcomer

After successfully repelling the challenges, the new wildsau goes after his business by accepting the greetings of the female sows and rolling a bit in the mud to get the local flavor.

As a wild pig hunter, you do not want to meet an angry wild boar in his prime defending his sounder or establishing his dominance. Only a female boar with piglets can be worse if you are foolish enough to put yourself between a mother and her piglets.

Other than under these circumstances, wild boar are secretive and shy away from contact with humans by running away early and fast. The exception would be, as stated, a mother with piglets and urban boar that are conditioned to humans nearby.

The best way to avoid dangerous conflicts is to quickly walk away and give the wild boar enough space to make a clean getaway. If that is no longer possible, make yourself appear as big as you can, make scary noises, and never forget to leave the panicked boar a way to retreat.

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