Upcoming advanced 2019 hunting classes


Register now and get your name on the waiting list. Most clinics are already full.

The following is a list of upcoming advanced 2019 hunting classes between February and April 2019. For detailed information on individual clinics follow the link or check out our article on advanced 2019 hunting clases.

Please also keep in mind that the class schedules can change at any time without prior notice. We will alert you whenever possible to these changes but added classes may take even us by surprise.

It pays, therefore, to follow the schedule of clinics closely and to register early for any seminar that interests you. There is a good chance that a hunter will end up on the waiting list for the clinic even with an early registration. But do not despair, it often pays to be on the waiting list.

Finally, at this time it looks like there are no additional wild pig hunting clinics this year. But we expect that to change sooner or later. On the other hand, much of the best wild boar habitat has been destroyed in the recent wildfires. The boar moved on to find suitable shelter, food, and water elsewhere.

Serious boar hunters should therefore carefully scout alternative boar habitats for newcomers and prepare to change their still hunts to the new habitats. The wild pigs will be back in their old range as soon as nature has restored the natural growth in the fire-damaged habitats.

Here is the reminder for the upcoming advanced 2019 hunting classes.

02/02/2019 Wilderness First Aid Los Angeles County
02/09/2019 Wild Turkey Hunting Clinic (Morning Session) Los Angeles County
02/09/2019 Wild Turkey Hunting Clinic (Afternoon Session) Los Angeles County
03/02/2019 Wild Turkey Clinic Butte County
03/16/2019 Wild Turkey Clinic Santa Clara County
04/27/2019 Advanced Bow Hunting Clinic Placer County

We will update the list and the schedule for the remainder of 2019 as soon as additional information becomes available.

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