Hunting rifles, accessories, Reebok banned at Sporting Goods Store


Dick’s Sporting Goods, a publicly traded sporting goods retailer, joined the growing number of anti-hunting organizations by removing hunting rifles from 125 stores. We told you to watch out for sneaky ways of fighting hunting and other related outdoor activities. European activists who work hard on getting rid of hunting and fishing are routinely using such moves to whittle away on hunting , hunting rifles, and related activities.

Dick’s Goods moved made their first move against hunting rifles and Reebok last year after some of their stores experienced a 10 percent drop in sales. After eliminating 10 underperforming stores, the stores showed positive sales figures.

It was only a question of time until these objectionable methods would find their way to the United States.

Hunting rifles

From the standpoint of Dick’s management, the drop in sales justifies the elimination of the hunting category which they define as including “accessories associated with firearms, hunting apparel, anything associated with hunting.”

The true intentions of the store’s management are revealed, however, when you realize that Dick’s will continue to offer kayaks and items used for other outdoor activities “like that”. It is significant that Dick’s decision to remove hunting rifles and other firearms from their stores immediately after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. The decision of Dick’s management is clearly a political statement and not a decision based on economic factors.

Traditionally, a controversial position like this would result in a strong consumer-based backlash and, thus, reduced sales and stock values. Not so in this case. In-store sales increased by about 10 percent and stock prices of Dick’s Sporting Goods went up approximately 12 percent in 2019. We will have to see whether this is a short-term reaction or a long term change in the merchandise categories of all Field and Stream stores.

On the other hand, we already know that allegedly death-defying wild boar hunters are wimpy and anything but ready for fighting an activist anti-hunting agenda. don’t tell me, please, that the National Rifle Association is representing hunter’s gun rights. They are not.

The fight is out of hunters all over the world. Even when the sporting goods store takes their Reeboks away by dropping them from their roster of merchandise.

Fewer active hunters and lackluster combativeness of the remaining few make me concerned about the long-term future of any kind of hunting and the traditional recreational and sporting use of firearms. Hunting rifles are no exception. Anti-gun forces will do their best to make acquiring a hunting rifle as challenging as possible. But who is fighting for Reeboks, huh?

Wake up, people, wake up before it is too late. The tide is turning against you and hunting and hunting rifles will become ostensibly instinct. How much courage does it take to boycott a renegade retailer that needs your money to survive as a business? Watching YouTube instead is not an effective weapon.


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