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Update April 2019

Sanctimonious Google censors publishers for policy violations that Google itself is violating millions of times! How about this for example: According to Google, we violate their policies by publishing 2 pictures that we took from Google related sources. Guess what? Google promotes and publishes in their search results:

  • 76,000,000 pictures showing ‘offensive content,
  • 16,300,000 pictures of hunting pictures with offensive context,
  • 3,600,000 images of hunting wild pigs with dogs,
  • about 171,000,000 pictures and videos of dogs fighting dogs,
  • about 138,000,000 images and videos of dogs fighting ‘wild’ animals,
  • and 1,890,000 pictures and videos showing the results of trophy hunts in bloody detail.
  • Not to speak of all the ads with adult content placed by Google affiliated publishers.

These are the results of superficial searches on Google. They are not necessarily complete. In fact, there are many more of similar and even more offending images carried on Google. But does Google apply this self-righteous censorship to their selection of websites, I ask? Of course not.

It is glaringly apparent that Google applies two different standards: One valid for Google and Google owned property such as youTube, and one for the rest of the publishers. What do you have to say for yourself my Pharisaic Google censors?

I know you could not care less. Which publisher dares to stand up against Google and risks income, Google thinks. But this attitude will eventually catch up with you. Maybe The California Hunting Post should have an anti-Google section that drags abuse like this into the open.

Or alternatively, find a law office that specializes in filing lawsuits on a contingency basis against big corporations with deep pockets that abuse contractual law.

Google has too much power. It needs to be trimmed.

For the second time, Google Adsense has restricted ads on one of our articles because of “policy violations”.

The article in question was flagged before. We also have stated repeatedly why we hold that Google is a sanctimonious, self-righteous organization that applies double standards to their customers and their own work.

I have a question for Google: Why is an Adsense ad that YOU placed fine for you to place but constitutes a policy violation when we let it stand on our website?
And another one:
Why is a YouTube video or picture fine on YouTube (which is a Google company) and constitutes a policy violation on our site?

See and read for yourself. The article is here and the offending pictures, including the ‘adult’ content, are in the article as URL.

Google, you owe your business partners an explanation instead of a thread and, lacking that, you should not cut off Adsense advertising to a customer.

It is also noteworthy that ‘policy violations’ are suddenly popping up on our website ever since we decided not to use Google Ad Words advertising. It does not work for us.

Finally, Google, why are you placing ads with “adult content” on our site only to flag the ad later?

Your policies and actions are causing financial losses to your partners and they should be tested in court.

Remove your restrictions or stop placing offending ad content on your own site and in your search results.

You are not omnipotent, Google, and your wings need to be clipped sooner or later. Demands to break up Google are slowly beginning to appear in political circles. It’s about time.
Peter J.

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