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CDFW seeks recommendations and comments during a meeting on May 22, 2019, regarding Bay Area Wildlife Area A.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding the annual meeting to reach out to licensed hunters for recommendations and comments regarding wildlife areas. The next meeting is set for May 22, 2019, in Davis regarding the Bay Delta Region Type A wildlife area.

“State wildlife areas to be discussed are the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area and the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area complex. The meeting will take place 4 to 6 p.m. at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area’s conference room. The address is 45211 County Road 32B in Davis.”

This CDFW annual meeting invites comments and recommendations from licensed hunters regarding Type A wildlife areas. At the annual public meetings, CDFW will report on habitat conditions, the availability of water on the wetlands and “possible impacts to hunter access on public lands.”

California classifies waterfowl hunting areas as wildlife areas A, B, C depending on staffing and public use of a wildlife area. Class A wildlife areas are tightly managed, usually well staffed with high access demand to an area by the public. Wildlife areas with water and wetlands make up the majority of Class A wildlife areas. Access and hunting conditions may change annually.

The CDFW public meeting on the Bay Delta Region Type A Wildlife Areas on May 22, 2019, is one of these informative meetings held by CDFW. CDFW and the California Hunting Post strongly encourage licensed hunters and other interested parties to contribute recommendations and comments during this annual meeting.

They love Wildlife Areas A. Can they attend the public meeting?

These meetings are the time and the place to make your voice heard, not on social media and bulletin boards with very limited influence. Furthermore, it is akin to preaching to the choir. To stand up and argue your recommendation and comments during an ‘official DCFW’ meeting is the most effective way of letting the Department know what is important to the public using wildlife areas.

Public participation in these meetings is not limited to licensed hunters. Other outdoor lovers are free to use these wildlife areas as well within the limitations of the applicable codes. Therefore, they should also be entitled to voice their concerns, recommendations, and comment.

Use your chances to affect change wisely or quit complaining when you do not like a decision by CDFW. Contributing positive and constructive suggestions have the best chances of resulting in change.

CDFW and the Department of Fish and Game Commission are not the enemies of hunters and gun owners. Anti-hunting and anti-gun fanatics are. Keep it in mind at all times.



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