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Advanced Hunting Clinics Scheduled May/June 2019


CDFW and its partners have only three advanced hunting clinics scheduled for May and June 2019. All are fully booked and hunters cannot submit new registrations for these advanced hunting clinics.

Hunters without registration for one of the advanced hunting clinics can, however, do the next best and enter their name in the waiting list for the clinics. Your chances are slim but registered participants drop out for various reasons leaving the now available slot to be filled from the names on the waiting list.

Please also note that according to the published CDFW schedule for the advanced hunting clinics in 2019, there will be a hiatus until August 2019 before the next set of scheduled advanced hunting seminars for this year.

Though your chances of successfully entering one of the upcoming seminars are kind of long shots, it costs nothing to put your name on a waiting list. And that makes it worthwhile despite the poor odds. So, get busy, enter your name on one of the waiting lists and hope for the best. By doing so, you will at least have a chance of listing at the top of the waiting list.

Here are the remaining advanced hunting clinics for May and June 2019:

Advanced Bow Hunting Clinic
Placer County
5/04/2019 Deer Hunting Clinic San Luis Obispo County
5/11/2019 Deer Hunting Clinic Santa Clara County
6/22/2019 – 6/23/2019 Land Navigation Clinic El Dorado County

Six more advanced hunting seminars are on schedule for the rest of the year. However, boar hunting is not among the topics of a hunting clinic in 2019. Nevertheless, hunting is more than just wild pig hunting. For that reason, there are demands for upland game, waterfowl, grassland waterfowl classes as well. The scheduled seminars are sold out as well, including a clinic on hunting with air guns that will be held in Los Angeles County. Air gun hunting is another hunting method that is actually obsolete because of, among others, the requirement to harvest your game closely from close up.

Close contact big game hunting is mainly useful and practiced in guided hunt scenarios where the boar are accustomed to the presence of humans near artificial food sources. The risks to life and limb of hunters from wild hogs conditioned to the presence of humans are rather small on high-fence hunting ranches.

advanced hunting clinics

However, if close range hunting took place where truly wild pigs live, for example, it could expose a hunter to unforeseen emergency situations. The last class in June 2019 on land navigation is giving a true wild boar hunter the tools needed to survive such emergency situations. This seminar is a vital survival tool. I suggest all real wild boar hunters take it eventually in the interest of their own survival. The Class covers fundamentals of navigation, compasses, how to use one with a map, map types and basic wilderness survival skills. I consider it a must take for safe and successful hunting.

This year’s advanced hunting seminar on land navigation is no longer accepting registrations. You are left with trying your luck with the waiting list. But if you do not succeed at all, register early for the next land navigation seminar in 2020. You will be glad you did when things go very wrong.


For information on the advanced hunting clinics contact CDFW by email at or for general information, a complaint form, and other requests visit


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