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Complaints or commendations CDFW seeking a fair resolution


Millions of Californians make use of and enjoy California’s unequaled outdoors year after year. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), on the other hand, is tasked with protecting the environment and the wildlife calling it home which can result in complaints or commendations.

And if that were not enough, legislators also made CDFW responsible to enforce general environmental rules. Among them, for example, spill prevention, supervision of clean up work, investigation of violations of environmental laws to name a few.

CDFW is one powerful and busy state agency with far-reaching powers that exceed the enforcement of wildlife and habitat-related laws.

Is it, therefore, surprising that conflicts of interests between citizens and CDFW happen? It should not be. With millions of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and anglers pursuing their hobbies, complaints or commendations are unavoidable. Many are resolved casually on a local level. Yet a few, for one reason or another, resist and require more formal procedures for a resolution.

While the public deserves fair, equal treatment by CDFW employees and to have their grievances addressed impartially based on the law, CDFW representatives are also entitled to equally fair and respectful treatment.

Complaints or commendations
Complaint form sample screen shot

Fortunately, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has prepared a complaint form in recognition of the inevitability of occasional complaints or commendation. CDFW appreciates citizens to report a commendation when a CDFW officers goes beyond the call of duty.

Complaints or commendations should go to the nearest regional office of CDFW. Regional offices are located here:

complaints or commendations
Regional CDFW offices

You have anything good to say? Direct your compliments to the same office. The Department of Fish and Wildlife will appreciate positive comments.

However, should you have an ax to grind with a CDFW law enforcement agent, use the form “DFW980-Citizen’s Report” for your complaint if you cannot resolve the matter locally? The form is rather detailed, so get all your documentation and facts together before you start completing the form.

DFW 980 comes in .pdf format. It is difficult to reproduce here. But you find it at together with a bunch of other forms that can come in handy.

Look at the third entry of file names from the top. The official citation is “Forms Coordinator. DFW980-Citizen’s Report. California Department of Fish and Wildlife-Business Management Branch; 8/11/2016. [Cited 2019 May 2]. Available from:”.

Form DFW 980 is an interactive pdf file. Complainants can complete it online if your pdf reader can edit form fields. This is all you need to lodge formal complaints or commendations.

Good work deserves a mention as well. But you will have to make do without a form. Just send your commendation to the same regional office that would handle your complaint. CDFW merits praise when they are doing a good job.


Remember what I said so many times before, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is not the worst enemy of hunters. Nor does it see its main purpose in harassing hikers and campers in the wilderness.

Our enemies are among the self-appointed protectors of the environment known colloquially as tree huggers and anti-gun activists. They are the fanatics that want to take away your beer, salt, tasty food, and they will do their best to stop you from having innocent fun.

Tell me, where to find their complaints or commendations form?


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