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Ocean Salmon 2019 Season Opens in May

Chinook ocean salmon 2019
Chinook salmon

Anglers and wild boar are breathing a communal sigh of relief because recreational ocean salmon 2019 fishing opens in mid-May. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife just announced details of the 2019 season of recreational ocean salmon angling.

Salmon stock is more abundant this year than in 2018. Recreational salmon anglers will, therefore, have a longer ocean salmon 2019 season in coastal waters to chase Chinook salmon. Recreational anglers consider Chinook salmon a prize fish. But how about wild pigs?

Boar are omnivorous. They eat anything they can sniff out, whether plant material or small animals above and below the ground. Subterranean invertebrates are a welcome addition to their menu. And so are any fish, dead or alive, they can lay their snouts on.

What is a delicacy for humans, is also palatable and welcome to wild pigs. Anglers get the opening and closing dates for the Chinook season from publications. Boar rely on their instincts and empirical knowledge passed on from one boar generation to another.

Ocean salmon 2019 season dates

Here are the official opening and closing dates, fishing zones, and related regulations for ocean salmon fishing in 2019:

“ Sport fisheries in the Latham Management Zone will open from late May through early September. Fort Bragg and San Francisco areas will reopen mid-May after a short-term closure and will continue through the end of October.”

The Monterrey management area is open now and remains open until late August.

Recreational ocean salmon 2019 fishing seasons for the year are as follows:

  • “In the Klamath Management Zone, which is the area between the Oregon/California border and Horse Mountain (40°05’00” N. latitude), the season will open May 25 and continue through Sept. 2.
  • The Fort Bragg and San Francisco areas, which extend from Horse Mountain to Point Arena (38°57’30” N. latitude) and Point Arena to Pigeon Point (37°11’00” N. latitude), respectively, opened April 13. Fishing closed on April 30, 2019, reopens on May 18 and will continue through Oct. 31.
  • The Monterey area between Pigeon Point and the U.S./Mexico border opened on April 6 and will continue through Aug. 28.”
Ocean Salmon
Chinook salmon on spawning run

Until April 30, the minimum total length is 20 inches in areas north of Point Arena. It will also be 20 inches in the San Francisco are when the season opens on May 18, 2019, and stay that way to the end of the season.

Anglers in the Monterey area are fortunate because the size limit in their sector is 24 inches total for the entire season. The daily bag limit is two Chinook per day and no more than two daily bag limits in possession when fishing from land. On vessels on the ocean, no recreational angler shall posses and land more than one daily bag limit. It is illegal to retain Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon) in California.

The restrictions in ocean salmon 2019 length and bag limits bring California’s salmon fishing regulations in line with the federal Salmon Fishery Management Plan. They also are designed to make ocean salmon fisheries conform with the ESA-listed federal Sacramento River winter Chinook and California Coastal Chinook rules.

When required, ocean salmon 2019 fishing regulations may be adjusted to correspond to federal rules and become effective immediately. Such changes, if any, will be published through the National Marine Fisheries Service Ocean Salmon Hotline.


Check www.wildlife.ca.gov/oceansalmon


before you head out salmon fishing. It saves you time and costly legal trouble.


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