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Opening week deer hunt in Knoxville Wildlife Area


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is now accepting opening week deer hunt applications for this Wildlife Area. The deer hunt permits are valid for the opening week of the general deer season on the Knoxville Wildlife Area in Napa County.

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CDFW will accept applications from interested hunters to enter in a limited, lottery draw for the opening week deer hunt at the Knoxville Wildlife Area during the general deer season in Zone A.

The hunts will be held in the Knoxville Wildlife Area located about 1.5 miles north of Lake Berryessa. CDFW is limiting the number of hunters on this very popular public hunting area for quality hunting purposes and to maintain and improve the hunting experience during the opening week deer hunt.

CDFW will issue only 120 opening week hunt permits for this special hunt. The permits are valid between August 10 to 16, 2019. During this period only permitted deer hunters may use the wildlife area. The Knoxville Wildlife Area will remain closed to all other hunters during this period.

Hunters can submit their deer hunt applications from May 1 until June 20, 2019 online. Before completing your online applications, please read

This page contains information on how to register for an online account with CDFW and detailed instructions on how to present your application. Certain sections of the online Knoxville opening week deer hunt site have not found a permanent home yet.

Interested hunters must use a temporary workaround to place their application into the random computerized draw. Successful applicants will receive a notice in the mail about four to six weeks before the opening week hunt in the Knoxville Wildlife Area.

Multiple applications from any hunter will result in disqualification for this opening week deer hunt. However, up to four hunters may apply as one hunting party. They must submit all required information online completely as one single hunting party. After submission, no changes and substitutions of members of the hunting party are accepted.

Do I have to mention that all hunters must have a valid California hunting license for 2019-2020. Furthermore, please keep in mind that after July 1, 2019, you must use lead free hunting ammunition on all hunts. Leaded ammunition is no longer allowed to hunt in California. Detailed information and a list of CDFW approved lead free ammo is at additional clarifications are here.

Finally, participation in the opening week deer hunt does not affect deer hunt preference point either way.


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