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Almost all wild pig hunters know Fort Hunter Liggett as a productive boar hunting spot on California public land. However, few have heard of or even hunted Camp Roberts 2019 though this military base has good deer and acceptable boar hunting.

The reason that Camp Roberts is a sleeper can be attributed both to the California National Guard and to wild pig hunters. The Guard does not prominently display wild pig hunting information as Fort Hunter Ligget does. And Camp Roberts 2019 has in the past years undergone major use changes and closures.

Camp Roberts 2019

As a result, few hunters go there and word about their boar hunting successes does not spread fast and wide. But, nevertheless, there is boar hunting on the base. You just have to talk to the right people to find out where exactly your quarry is hiding. Base workers are a good place to start.

Camp Roberts is located in Central California on both sides of the Salinas River in Monterrey and San Luis Obispo counties. The busiest base in California encloses 43,000 acres of land and river banks. You can find Camp Roberts 2019 about 25 miles southeast of Fort Hunter Ligget in the productive boar belt of California. Parts of the base are in Monterrey county while others belong to San Luis Obispo.

Camp Roberts is better known for deer hunting than for its wild pigs though the river almost guarantees the presence of this quarry. Besides the classical big game, Camp Roberts also has huntable coyote, boar, turkey, quail, duck, and rabbit populations. The boar population on the base gives hunters a good chance to bag a wild pig. However, just as with Fort Hunter Ligget, boar may be in the sectors of the base open to hunting at any given time or they may have moved on because of military exercises or hunting pressure. Luck of the draw plays a significant role in your hunting on a military base.

Hunting on Camp Roberts 2019 requires a valid California hunting license, pig tags (if hunting boar), a Camp Roberts hunting permit, a registration on file, and the signing of a release of liability.

You can download the files from But I have to warn you: The Camp Roberts website is not optimized for hunters. In addition, they have moved their hunting site to another service provider and restructures the entire Camp to better meet the requirements of the California Guard. Together, the two make it rather difficult to gather data about hunting wild pigs on Camp Roberts. Persevere and you will succeed finding a good boar hunting spot and the information about it If all else fails, you may be better off seeking info on alternative websites.

Keep in mind, however, that hunting anything implies effort. Successful hunters are the ones who do not give up easily or look only for the low-hanging fruit. Invest a little effort, go off the heavily trodden path, and you will reap your reward in the form of many pound of delicious bacon.

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