Advanced hunting seminars late 2019


It is hard to believe, only seven advanced hunting seminars are left for the rest of 2019.

All are full and no new registrations are possible. The only way to get to participate in one of them is by entering your name on the waiting list. If you are lucky, you will get the place of another hunter who had to cancel.

The list of advanced hunting clinics is disappointing to boar hunters because in keeping with the upcoming or ongoing seasons, there a no other wild pig hunting clinics in 2019.

advanced hunting seminar
Advanced Hunting Seminar Graduates

As you can see from the following schedule of clinics, the classes now are dealing with upland game, waterfowl, and other mainly winged quarry:

07/27/2019 Waterfowl Hunting Clinic  Sonoma County
08/10/2019 Upland Game Hunting Clinic Los Angeles County
08/17/2019 Hunting with Air Guns Los Angeles County
08/24/2019 Waterfowl Hunting Clinic Solano County
09/21/2019 Waterfowl Hunting Clinic Butte County
09/28/2019 Grasslands Waterfowl Hunting Clinic Merced County
10/12/2019 Waterfowl Hunting Clinic Riverside County

Advanced hunting seminars concentrate on the how-to of hunting beyond the material covered in the basic hunter education courses required for licensing. The seminars deal with big game, turkey, upland game, and waterfowl. Besides anatomy, target areas, and where and when to shoot at the quarry, the clinics inform about hunting firearms, ammunition, gauging distance tracking, field dressing, and the importance of sighting in your firearm, to name a few topics.

These clinics also offer great opportunities to get to know other hunter and form networks of ethical, successful hunters in a social setting.

For additional information on the hunting clinics email Lt. Alan Gregory, or read some of our earlier articles on the topic. Very comprehensive information beyond advanced hunting seminars on registration, tag sales, payments, permits, and much more is on this CDFW site:

The California Hunting Post also covered the subject in numerous posts at length. Run a Google search for a list of our previous articles on advanced hunting clinics.


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