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Longer Inland salmon season 2019, better quotas

The California Fish and Game Commission established the 2019 inland salmon season with higher quotas and limits.

Good news for salmon anglers. The Fish and Game Commission approved the season dates and the quotas for the inland salmon season 2019 during its recent meeting.

Based on an estimated return of 379,600 spawning inland salmon season 2019, the Commission reestablished the two salmon fall-run Chinook for the Central Valley rivers with four salmon in possession. In 2018, the limit was one salmon per day and two in possession.

The forecast for the Klamath River Fall Chinook salmon daily limit allows to take two salmon daily with six in possession. But none may be greater than 22 inches. Only three may be greater than 22 inches.

The relatively high number of returning fall Klamath River Chinook salmon should make for good angling. Even better, conservative federal salmon fishing rules are designed to rebuild the depleted salmon stock. As a result, more fall Chinook will return to their spawing grounds in California. Careful management of salmon stock will eventually rebuild the salmon populations.

Here is the synopsis of the fall inland salmon season 2019 bag and possession limits directly from the CDFW publications:

“ Central Valley Rivers:

Daily limit of two fish per day and a possession limit of four fish. On the American and Feather rivers, the general season opener is July 16. On the Sacramento River below Deschutes Road Bridge to the Red Bluff Diversion Dam, the season opens Aug. 1 and closes Dec. 16. From below the Red Bluff Diversion Dam to the Carquinez Bridge, the season opens July 16 and closes Dec. 16. Chinook Salmon fishing opportunity was expanded on the Mokelumne and Feather River. On the Feather River, the season change will extend fishing opportunity by additional two weeks. On the Mokelumne River, almost 10 miles of additional habitat is open to salmon fishing.

Klamath River Basin:

Daily limit of two Chinook Salmon, no more than one of which may be greater than 22 inches, and a possession limit of six, of which only three may be greater than 22 inches. The Klamath River adult fall run Chinook Salmon quota is 7,637 adults and the season opens Aug. 15 and closes Dec. 31, while the Trinity River opens to salmon fishing on Sept. 1 and closes Dec. 31. Seasons and areas with defined sub-quotas are subject to closure once the quota is reached in each subsection.”

The 2019/2020 season dates, bag limits, gear restrictions and locations will be subject of the 2019/2020 Sport Fishing Regulations Supplement to be posted in May 2019. If you cannot wait and want more details, call CDFW’s ocean salmon hotline at (707) 576-3429 or the Klamath-Trinity River hotline at (800) 564-6479 or visit the ocean salmon webpage of CDFW.

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