Few SHARE hunts left in 2019

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) organizes and sponsors special SHARE hunts on private land under the label of Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement (SHARE). These hunts are held on private properties that are normally not accessible for hunters.

The hunter-friendly owners of private properties contract with CDFW to allow hunters access to their lands in exchange for liability protection, controlled and strictly enforced access rules, and limited access times and hunts. The SHARE hunts are wildly popular with hunters. The number of participating property owners is also slowly increasing.

SHARE hunts 2019
Sleepy Creek Ranch

SHARE hunts are held on participating properties at specified dates and times and for specifically named game species.

Many properties offer prime habitat for such species, deer, elk, wild pigs, waterfowl, upland birds and many other game animals. Hiking and camping are also part of the SHARE program though to a lesser degree.

It takes a little effort to locate SHARE hunts of interest and to apply for one of these hunts. Fortunately, CDFW has prepared a comprehensive list of participating properties and hunts. The master list for 2019 is as follows:

General Hunts

Scott River Ranch – Siskiyou County B6 Deer Hunts – Fall 2019 hunt dates.

General Hunt and Property Information (PDF)

Harrington Farms – Santa Barbara County D13 Deer Hunts – Fall 2019 hunt dates

Jones Ranch – Santa Barbara County – Fall 2019 hunt dates

Sleepy Creek Ranch – Santa Barbara County – Fall 2019 hunt dates

Rush Ranch Wild Pig Hunts – Solano County– Fall 2019 hunt dates

East Park Wild Pig Hunts – Colusa County – Fall 2019 hunt dates

River Ridge Ranch – Tulare County – fall dates coming soon

Hart Ranch – Tulare County – fall dates coming soon

Merced Wildlife Area – Merced County – fall dates coming soon

Soper-Wheeler PLM Ranch – Yuba County – New Spring Turkey Hunts

Boden Ranch – San Diego County – New Spring Turkey Hunts

Sierra Valley Preserve – Plumas County


As you can see, the list is quite extensive and comprehensive. Hunters must invest some time and effort to select their hunting specialty of interest and then follow meticulously any required application procedures. The hunts are generally organized and listed by property and game species hunted.

SHARE hunts2019
Upland game SHARE hunt Santa Barbara

Talking a proactive approach requires more effort and is somewhat riskier for hit and miss. Waiting till an upcoming SHARE hunt is published is easier and safer.

On the other hand, competition for published hunts is often fierce because of the high success rates of SHARE hunts.

Whichever approach you decide to take, please be an ethical, responsible, and respectful hunter who treats SHARE properties as if they were his own. Respect the property owners and their land, please. Otherwise, the entire program may simply fade away.


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