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Beginning July 1, 2019 hunting ammunition containing lead will be illegal in California as all California hunters should know by now. After that date, only non-lead hunting ammunition can legally be used for hunting wildlife with a firearm anywhere in California.

A list of the CDFW approved non-lead hunting license is at together with additional important information.

non-lead ammo
Non-lead ammo

The Trump administration has revoked the lead-ammo ban for federal lands. However, California insists on enforcing the ban of leaded ammo on ALL lands in the state. We suggest hunters follow the new hunting ammo rules for California rather than risk citations and fines. The first offense costs a hunter $ 1,500.00 and $ 5,000 for any offense after that. Please also note that every round of leaded ammunition a hunter carries during a hunt can be considered a separate offense. At least in the eyes of CDFW. However, I am not sure that this interpretation would hold up in court.

Background check required before bullets starts on July 1, 2019.

California passed a law in 2016 that requires instant background checks against the Automated Firearms System in California. The law is supposed to make mass shootings more difficult by putting a new hurdle in front of every ammo purchase. The new law also goes into effect on July 1, 2019.

It requires payment of a fee of one dollar for every ammo purchase at a gun dealer. Ammunition for firearms can no longer be ordered and purchased over the Internet. Non-Californians are not allowed to purchase bullets for firearms in California.

non-lead ammo
Non-lead ammunition

The stated reason for this silly provision is to check quickly whether the ammo buyer has any court-imposed restrictions against ordinance purchases. The most common among them is a felony conviction.

The new background check on ammo buyers is one of the ‘feel-good’ rules politicians love to pull out of their hat of old, tired tricks with very limited practical consequences. Other then burden law-abiding citizens, of course. If I wanted to buy a truckload of hunting ammo (and had the cash to do it, I could most likely find a seller in Mexico or even closer to deliver it to me discretely without a one dollar background check. Right now, gun owners empty out the ammo shelves of gun stores by hoarding leaded ammunition and non-lead hunting bullets.

On the bright side, the new rules do not restrict the amount of ammunition gun owners can purchase.

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