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Feral pigs 2019 in California and worldwide


– Where are they?

The short answer is wherever they find seasonal food. Summer in California means feral pigs 2019 go for fruit, mast, and roots, tubers, and invertebrates. As omnivores and opportunistic feeders, they eat whatever comes along or they find that looks like food to them. That can be anything. Look for them primarily where fruit grows and falls off trees to the ground, in grassy areas that hold plenty of invertebrates and tubers. As summer turns into fall, mast becomes their main food source. They use it to fatten up for the winter.

feral pigs 2019
What sows do best – make more wild pigs

In addition, mast is essential for reproduction. Well-nourished sows have more litters with higher numbers of piglets per litter. Their overall health and resistance to disease is better with higher mast intake.

Omnivorous boar will eat basically anything. They dig up lawns and environmental structures to find and consume earthworms and plant materials. Insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals are standard table fare for feral hogs. And so are crustaceans, nematodes, gastropods, fish, amphibians, eggs of ground-nesting birds, and, horror of horrors, they also murder Bambi fawns for food.

Weakened, sick, old mammals can end up just as easily on the table of a sounder of wild boar. Even large snakes are not safe, especially when they have eaten a young member of the sounder. Watch a sounder of enraged boar punish a large constrictor snake by systematically killing it. Venomous snakes also can easily end up in the stomach of wild pigs.

But what if an animal is already dead before the wild pigs find it? Even death cannot protect against a bunch of hungry boar. They merely consume the carcass.

Feral pigs 2019 are expanding their ranges worldwide. More wild hogs and boar in more places than ever before. Just where are they in summer 2019 and why is it so difficult to locate them?

The news about feral pigs 2019 in California and worldwide is disturbing when you are a farmer, rancher or an agency tasked with control of wild pigs. Their increasing numbers, on the other hand, are music to the ears of boar hunters. Feral pigs 2019 bring enjoyment even to city dwellers who feed them and share their parks with the porkers. At least until there are too many of them rummaging through trash and challenging human visitors for the best spaces in a well-maintained park.

feral pigs 2019
Huge sow raiding trash bin for food

Feral pig numbers in California are increasing despite the drought and the wildfires. The proverbial fecundity of feral hogs easily makes up for any losses the pigs suffered during these catastrophic events.

But California is not the only state with a wild hog problem. Missouri, for example, has a pig problem which experts attribute to hunters and hunting, of course. How could it be different?

feral pigs 2019
Feral pigs in their mud wallow.

Wildlife experts and biologists know that hunting alone cannot control or reduce the wild hog problem. Hunters would have to kill about 80 percent of any pig litter just to stabilize a hog population at its present level. In reality, hunters kill only about 25 percent of boar offspring.

Missouri believes in the power of the trap as the most effective means of boar control. State authorities want to eliminate pig hunting completely to prevent hunters from transporting feral pigs 2019 from one part of the state to another because, in their armchair opinion, hunters and their favorite quarry are the root cause of the problem.

California, Missouri, and Texas are not the only states to face a wild pig problem. In fact, 35 states now are struggling with expanding feral pig populations.

To add insult to injury, expanding feral pig and boar populations are not exclusively an American problem. The number of wild pigs and boar is increasing worldwide. And so is their trend to move closer to human activity centers and into cities. There the boar find protection from hunting, a better climate, manicured lawns in parks and golf courses, and ample food supplies served in trash cans. In addition, agricultural environments are often enticingly close by. No wonder feral pig sows and boar are happily producing ever more boar.

feral pigs 2019

So, you ask yourself, why is boar hunting not much easier when even city dwellers can bump into sounders of wild pigs foraging or resting? Well, wild hogs are very alert, have a great sense of smell that gives away human presence from afar, know how and where to hide and to conceal themselves. And the critters have now discovered that they cannot be hunted in cities.


That accounts for the numerous pictures of wild boar casually going for a walk in the center of cities in plain daylight or for boar residing in parks that are chock-full of human visitors.

Who knows, word may even have spread among feral pig populations that hunting and hunters are increasingly under attack from anti-gun and anti-hunting forces. Shooting a wild boar in a city would be like pouring more water on a mill for the enemies of hunting. So, I ask you, why are you still on social media and supporting social media? They even suppress or try to hide publications like the California Hunting Post.

Just in case you have second thoughts about hunting feral pigs 2019 in California, in the following we republish a compilation of wild pig hunting regulations in states with huntable feral pigs in the United States. The list deserves your attention and scrutiny even if you only intend to go for a pig hunt outside of California. It can save you much time and tedious research into pig populations in individual states, their hunting regulations, and special equipment requirements for a state if any.

Any such list is subjective to a degree depending on a hunter’s needs, expectations, and hunting methods. Therefore, I have added a reference to another website for your perusal.

Feral pig 2019 hunters in California have the authoritative CDFW wild pig site as an official introduction into feral pigs and feral pig hunting. CDFW also has an excellent guide to wild pig locations on public land in California. Just make sure that you read this guide properly. For example, when a location is labeled as “transitory pigs” only it means that you are wasting your time trying to find a feral pig there – unless you are very lucky and have outstanding timing that leads you there when the pigs are “transiting” Some of these spots have not seen transiting wild pigs in years.

Of course, do not forget to give our article on wild pig hunting in California another look. And, if you are new to feral pig hunting or haven’t hunted boar actively in a while, we encourage you to check out our article on the basics of boar hunting published in late 2016.

I could give you many more referrals but this material alone provides plenty of information on wild boar hunting to keep you busy for a while.

Finally, here is another suggestion for you to consider. Hunting and other non-hunting activities in the wilderness share the need for current survival skills and equipment. You never know when you get trapped in the wilderness overnight or lost. Should that happen, you must know what to do. The survivors had survival skills, essential equipment and knew how to use them.

If you have the required knowledge and want to share it with hunters and outdoor lovers at large, you are at the right place. We are looking for a good writer who can and wants to share knowledge with others. Please, do not waste my time and yours by expecting a huge income as a famous writer. I am working here for free and so should anyone interested in the cause at least until their section is producing sustainable income.


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