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Marijuana plantation shut down in Sacramento County


Black Market Marijuana Grow Eradicated in Sacramento County

On July 12, officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife closed down a black-market marijuana plantation on State land in Sacramento county. In the process, they discovered signs of poaching, trash, and firearms.

The raid was the culmination point of a complex investigation by CDFW and included special units from the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting with the cooperation of the U.S. Forest Service, the California Department of Justice, the National Guard and other agencies

The raid took place on the Cosumnes River Preserve on two adjacent properties. One belongs to CDFW and the other to the nature conservancy.

marijuana plantation

The marijuana plantation sites were located in sensitive wildlife habitat. Cosumnes protects hundreds of bird species, including the “greater sandhill crane and Swainson’s hawk (both listed as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act), more than 40 types of fish including state-listed steelhead and other wildlife such as the giant garter snake, the western pond turtle, deer, fox and an occasional mountain lion.”

This bold and shameless disrespect for the law on land owned by a law enforcement agency shows the extent of the reach and the power of illegal marijuana growers and their black-market marijuana grow operations.

During the mission, over 15,000 plants were eradicated, 3,000 pounds of processed marijuana were seized, three loaded firearms were confiscated and evidence of deer poaching was discovered on the marijuana plantation. Prior to the operation, wildlife officers also observed the suspects shipping out more than 400 pounds of processed marijuana in a rented U-Haul truck which was also confiscated. Raiding these two properties took 15,000 marijuana plants and 3,000 pounds of processed pot of the market. An additional 400 pounds of processed marijuana ready for shipment in a U-Haul truck and the truck were seized together with three loaded firearms. the raiding party also secured evidence of deer poaching.

Moreover, the raid of the marijuana plantation uncovered numerous environmental violations that included illegal water diversion, pesticides, petroleum products, and trash near waterways. Together, they constituted substantial habitat destruction with harm to public land. During the raid, eleven suspects were arrested. Taxpayers will have to pay for the areal removal of 1, 900 pounds of trash from the properties.

CDFW asks the public to report any illegal pot grows to CalTIP hotline by texting the information to “TIP411”. More detailed descriptions of the reporting procedures are in previous articles of the California Hunting Post. You find additional articles here when searching our website for “marijuana grows”,



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