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Dove hunting specials are a fun introduction to hunting for budding hunters. Like to shoot a lot? Go hunt dove.

The first of two California dove hunting seasons with dove hunting specials opened on Saturday, September 1 and will close on September 15, 2019. The second part of the 2019 dove hunting season will run from November 9 through December 23, 2019.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is accepting applications for dove hunting specials statewide on public and private ranches.

The daily bag limit is 15 and the possession limit is triple the daily limit. The daily limit may hold up to ten white-winged doves. Spotted and ringed dove do not have a limit. Their season dates coincides with the seasons for mourning and ringed dove.

Eurasian collared-doves do not have seasons and no bag or possession limit. These doves are among the most prolific bird colonizers of all birds. Originally confined to Turkey and the Balkans, Eurasian collared-doves spread on their own all over Europe, even close to the arctic circle, to the new world and to many other parts of the world. Their young fly long distances with ease to establish new colonies in new territories.

Collared-dove fledglings have been know to fly over 300 miles after leaving their nest. In the United States Eurasian collared-doves are a non-native, invasive species that has spread to the entire country from about one dozen Eurasian doves that escaped from an enclosure in the Bahamas. These doves are monogamous and they can breed year-round in warm climates. Females often build a second nest while still tending to the previous one.

Statewide Dove hunting specials are only available by drawing through the CDFW Upland Game and SHARE program. CDFW is accepting applications for dove hunts under this program at the following locations:

  1. Merced and Stanislaus counties: North Grasslands Wildlife Area (China Island and Salt Slough units), Los Banos Wildlife Area
  2. Sacramento County: Cosumnes River Preserve
  3. Fresno County: Pilibos Unit of the Mendota Wildlife Area
  4. San Diego County: San Felipe Wildlife Area
  5. San Luis Obispo County: North Chimineas Ranch, Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve

Public drawings will give limited public access to private lands under the SHARE program at these locations:

  • Santa Barbara County: Harrington Farms, Jones Ranch and Sleepy Creek Ranch
  • Tulare County: Hart Ranch

Interested hunters can apply for any one of these dove hunting specials in either one of three ways: Online, at CDFW license sales offices, retail license agents. Alternatively, prospective dove hunters unable to use any of these three methods can call (800) 565-1458.

Need still more information? Go to and You can also peruse previous dove hunting articles in the California Hunting Post.

dove hunting specials

Dove hunting, whether dove hunting special events, or just plain old harvesting dove is a fun way to get introduced to hunting in general. It is almost as much fun as hunting quail, only a lot easier because dove are plentiful and found almost anywhere.



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