Illegal Cannabis Plantation removed by CDFW

CDFW and law enforcement partners served seven search warrants and removed illegal cannabis growing operations near sensitive Wildlife Habitat in Trinity and Shasta Counties

In late August 2019, CDFW in cooperation with the National Guard, the State Water Resources Control Board, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department, and other local law enforcers served seven search warrants in Trinity county on known illegal cannabis growing operations. CDFW also investigated a suspected illegal cannabis trespass grow in Shasta County.

None of the target properties possessed a state license to commercially cultivate cannabis. Neither one had a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement on file nor were they complying with the CAL FIRE protocols.

Anglers will be pleased to learn that these illegal cannabis raids are protecting sensitive habitats, improve the winter-run survival rates of Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, steelhead, cutthroat, and rainbow trout by eliminating or reducing damage to the habitats of this wildlife.

illegal cannabis
Outdoor Cannabis area California

Not an angler and not interested in fish and small wildlife? How about deer habitat, western pond turtle, and other California wildlife that makes our state so special? No? Well then, how about saving a foothill yellow-legged frog or two?

The CDFW cannabis enforcement activities focus on critical habitat in Trinity County because many important, threatened or endangered species live in illegal cannabis grow areas.

David Bess, Deputy Director and Chief of the CDFW Law Enforcement Division puts it this way: “Each of the targeted grows had numerous environmental violations ranging from water diversions to habitat destruction and in some cases extreme pollution near waterways.”

The raids in Trinity County resulted in enforcement related contacts with 27 suspects. The law enforcers recorded a total of 16 Fish and Game Code violations and eradicated 33,783 illegal cannabis plants. In addition, more than 3,000 pounds of illegally produced cannabis products were also confiscated.

illegal cannabis
Outdoor Cannabis Grow

Wildlife officers in Shasta County arrested two suspects working a trespass cannabis grow near Ono. The Shasta County raid yielded 1,163 cannabis plants and six documented environmental violations. Felony charges against the suspects are pending in both counties.


As always, CDFW uses the opportunity of a successful raid on illegal cannabis cultivation to encourage the public to report environmental crimes such as water pollution, water diversions and poaching to the CalTIP hotline by calling (888) 334-2258 or texting information to “TIP411” (847411).

Despite the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, CDFW and other law enforcement agencies are actively enforcing existing environmental laws and regulations protecting wildlife in California and its precious habitats. If you dream of getting rich overnight, the least you can do is to follow the letter of environmental and wildlife related laws. It safeguards your investment and profits and lets you sleep better.

That is worth to go the extra mile and to stay on the good side of the law, isn’t it? In my book it is.



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