Survival gear for boar hunters and the outdoors

In general, these guys are well prepared with hunting, camping, and hiking gear that includes the newest gadgets and is well taken care of. Survival gear is, unfortunately, an entirely different matter.

Late summer and early fall are busy times for hunters. Deer season, migratory waterfowl, and many upland bird hunting seasons are open. Wildlife areas. national and federal parks are putting on special annual hunting and camping events. Outdoorsmen and hunters alike plan their participation well in advance and prepare their gear accordingly. Their emphasis and efforts are concentrated on selecting the actual event to attend. What gets often overlooked is the necessary survival gear that can make the difference between life and death in case of an emergency.

Recent news reports were replete with examples of survival gear at hand keeping a hiker, camper or hunter alive long beyond the expected survival times. These reports demonstrate the ability of the human body to surpass the generally accepted survival time without water of around three days and without food of about one month with minimum support.

What do successful survivals have in common?

When we examine the stories of lives saved after very lengthy and trying ordeals, we soon find common denominators:

– Access to ample survival equipment

– Availability of good survival equipment

– At least a minimum of essential survival items to match the situation

– Knowledge of survival methods and the use of natural materials for survival

Preservation of energy by constructing a shelter to keep warm and safe

– Making and keeping a fire for warmth and protection

– When lost not wasting time, food and energy in unproductive, confused efforts to seek a way back to familiar territory

– Do not panic

– Setup signaling device(s).

I could add more items to this list. But it is too long already. Here is an interesting video of the cheapest commercial survival kit in a sardine can. It is fun to watch. But you can make your own survival kit for less with about five survival items. They are:

– water bottle or water-sanitizing straw

– fire starter kit

– space blanket

– flashlight

– signal mirror

– compass.

Knowledge, experience, and the ability not to panic trump all. They also save you money. Basic survival kits are not expensive. But it adds up fast when you are into only the best, most complete, and latest stuff.

Survival equipment

Here are several sample sources for your consideration:

Military-style survival kits are here:

All-purpose survival gear is on these websites: (expensive gear for the discerning outdoorsperson) (fancy stuff in weird disguises)

The above websites are a random selection of commercial survival gear. It is up to you to find your own sources for survival essentials. I do not endorse any of the above and get no commission or payment for anything you might order from any of them.


Moreover, please always keep in mind that your knowledge of the outdoors, compass reading and direction finding, and other acquired skills easily make up for any missing survival item.

survival gear Basic survival items.

Your best practical source of experience is to participate in an advanced survival class and to learn in the field from an experienced survivalist.

The more you know about life and death in the wilderness, the better you can avoid becoming a victim. Knowledge and survival skills trump all.

So, get off your couch and join the next advanced survival skills seminar in your area.


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