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You noticed without a doubt that no new articles appeared in at least one week. Of course not, I was in the hospital, bedridden, and unable to tend to the California Hunting Post.

But now I am back and I will do my best to bring everything up to date again including you through this word to our readers. Unfortunately, whenever I get sick the other contributors are never available. Strange, but that is called life.

This is the basis of my invitation in a previous ‘word to our readers’ to anyone who likes to write about the magnificent outdoors of California. It does not have to be limited to boar hunting. Camping, hiking, fishing, general outdoor activities are just fine and much appreciated by our readers.

Please give me another few days to recuperate and we will move forward again together. My next article will cover upcoming hunting, fishing, and other outdoor related activities in November 2019.

The schedule is busy. Boar hunting should be good despite wildfires and destruction as long as you can find mast-bearing trees. Mast trees means foraging boar foraging nearby. It is essential for them to build reserves for the winter.

Expect the next article by the end of the week – or earlier.




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