Use an airgun to hunt wild pigs

Of course, I am not talking about your childhoods BB gun or caliber .017 air rifle for small game. We are talking serious big game hunting here.

CDFW will hold an advanced hunting class under the title ‘Hunting with an airgun on July 15, 2017, in the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge.

The clinic will be held at the

Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve

14715 Campo Road
Jamul, CA 91935

on July 15, 2017. You must cancel your registration no later than July 14, 2017, or suffer some dire consequences. If you can not go, let the other guy have a chance.

At the time of this writing, only one seat remained open. When you read this, it might already be too late. However, an unsuccessful hunter can always go on the waiting list for this clinic on the use of an airgun to hunt wild pigs and other big game.

Though at first glance, it might be strange to think that a simple air gun can bring down large animals. Nevertheless, even a cursory look at the history of firearms will yield plentiful information on air guns.

After all, a ‘firearm’ uses the pressure created in the barrel behind a bullet to drive it out of the barrel at high speed towards its target. In principal, it does not matter what is creating this pressure. It could be water for all practical purposes or a magnetic field or, most commonly, a chemical reaction using gunpowder to create the pressure. The higher the pressure and the longer it acts on the projectile, the greater the energy transfer and thus the kinetic energy stored in the projectile.

Rocks, sticks, spears depend on human muscle power. Arrows and bolts from a crossbow impart their stored kinetic energy to the projectile by means of the bow string.

Let’s get back to air gun ‘firearms’ for hunting. Large caliber air guns are nothing new. They first saw action on the battlefields of the Napoleonic wars. Go to my article on hunting boar with big a big bore air gun. Or even better, find my series on airgun hunting by following these leads.

You will find an article on the history of air rifles, how they function, and also what limitations they have.

Armed with the knowledge from these works, you will be well ahead of most participants in the class about hunting with air guns.

In a nutshell, hunting big game with an air gun is yet another one of these fancy ways to satisfy your thrill of the hunt by making it more difficult. After all, air guns are short range weapons just like bow and arrow and crossbow.

This is a raw article. I could not finish it because of illness. Go attend the class, if you can manage to get in, or read my previous quoted above.

Sorry, but that’s life.



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