Attempted murder suspect surrenders to authorities

Murder suspect Shawn Eugene Hof, Jr., surrendered to authorities.

Shawn Eugene Hof, Jr., has turned himself in to CDFW law enforcement. He is accused of attempting to kill a CDFW wildlife officer one year ago.

We reported on the incident here.

CDFW alleges that he fired at pursuing CDFW officers while fleeing from the scene when CDFW officer tried to approach several men in a pickup truck using spotlights to search for deer to poach on Redwood House Road near Highway 36. The incident happened in August 2016.

Murder suspect surrendered (CDFW)

When CDFW officers tried an enforcement stop, the driver of the truck sped away. One of the truck occupants started to fire from the back of the truck at the pursuing officer. The pursuit ended when the truck crashed into a tree. The occupants fled on foot into the woods.

The pursuing officer believes that Shawn Eugene Hof, Jr., is the person who fired from the truck. He is the primary murder suspect.

Since August 2016, CDFW in cooperation with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office have concentrated their efforts on finding and apprehending the murder suspect.

They concentrated their efforts to find and arrest the murder suspect Hof, J. on areas he is known to frequent. CDFW believes that this relentless effort in finding him convinced him finally to turn himself in.

The California Wildlife Officers Foundation, California Waterfowl Association, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, Nature Conservancy, Sportfishing Alliance together with private donors all contributed financially for a reward for the arrest of Hof, Jr.

The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office will now decide the charges to file and how to prosecute Hof, J. in court.

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