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Are wild boar in Hong Kong turning too aggressive?

Advertisements First, there was the occasional errant wild boar running through Hong Kong in a panic. Then more casual porcine visitors followed resulting in entertaining Laurel and Hardy-style police chases. Leading police on an up to five hour-long chases has slowly become almost the norm. Now, wild boar in Hong Kong have established a near-permanent […]

Camp Roberts 2019 hunting on public land

Advertisements Almost all wild pig hunters know Fort Hunter Liggett as a productive boar hunting spot on California public land. However, few have heard of or even hunted Camp Roberts 2019 though this military base has good deer and acceptable boar hunting. The reason that Camp Roberts is a sleeper can be attributed both to […]

Pacific Halibut Fishing is strong this season

Advertisements The recreational pacific halibut fisheries are going strong this 2019 season. Since the halibut fisheries opened on May 1, 2019, anglers have enjoyed good catches of pacific halibut. This guy even caught himself two priced specimens. Lucky angler. Can you beat that? The recreational pacific halibut season 2019 opened on May 1, 2019. It […]

Opening week deer hunt in Knoxville Wildlife Area

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is now accepting opening week deer hunt applications for this Wildlife Area. The deer hunt permits are valid for the opening week of the general deer season on the Knoxville Wildlife Area in Napa County. CDFW will accept applications from interested hunters to enter in a limited, lottery […]

Ocean Salmon 2019 Season Opens in May

Anglers and wild boar are breathing a communal sigh of relief because recreational ocean salmon 2019 fishing opens in mid-May. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife just announced details of the 2019 season of recreational ocean salmon angling. Salmon stock is more abundant this year than in 2018. Recreational salmon anglers will, therefore, have […]

Complaints or commendations CDFW seeking a fair resolution

Millions of Californians make use of and enjoy California’s unequaled outdoors year after year. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), on the other hand, is tasked with protecting the environment and the wildlife calling it home which can result in complaints or commendations. And if that were not enough, legislators also made CDFW […]

Advanced Hunting Clinics Scheduled May/June 2019

CDFW and its partners have only three advanced hunting clinics scheduled for May and June 2019. All are fully booked and hunters cannot submit new registrations for these advanced hunting clinics. Hunters without registration for one of the advanced hunting clinics can, however, do the next best and enter their name in the waiting list […]

Contribute recommendations and comments at public meeting Bay Area

CDFW seeks recommendations and comments during a meeting on May 22, 2019, regarding Bay Area Wildlife Area A. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding the annual meeting to reach out to licensed hunters for recommendations and comments regarding wildlife areas. The next meeting is set for May 22, 2019, in Davis regarding […]

Fish and Game Commission important to hunters and anglers

Attending to and speaking up at California Fish and Game Commission meetings is how hunters can influence what, where, and how to hunt which species and when to fish for what. So, you want feral pigs to remain a game species in California that can be hunted year-round with few restrictions? Tell Fish and Game […]

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