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Peter Jaeckle is the publisher and Chief Editor of the California Hunting Post. You can find him also on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and on many other sites. Over the past decades he has written on investments, dogs and dog rescue, economic and on environmental topics.

Apply for pig hunting and deer hunt permits in Merced County during general deer season

Advertisements Not a special hunt but rather an innovative method of controlling hunting permits for wild pigs and deer during the wildly popular opening weekend of the general deer season in Western Merced County. The Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is inviting big game hunters to apply for a limited number of deer and […]

Raptor killer convicted, justice served

Advertisements A raptor killer in Lassen County pleads guilty to killing and poaching 150 raptors and other wildlife. The multiple offenses took place on his 80-acre property and home near Standish town in Lassen County. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was tipped off to the poaching activities of Richard Parker, 68, of Standish […]

Abundant winter rains, more boar, healthier vegetation, more rodents, more snakes

Advertisements Abundant winter rains are creating happy boar, plenty of lush new vegetation, and accelerated moves of boar populations back into their old home ranges. They bring more rodents and snakes in pursuit of their food sources. Watch your step especially when still-hunting boar in the wilderness. After the decade-long drought and the devastating wildfires […]

Fish and wildlife related news and events April 2019

Fish and wildlife-related activities in California are beginning to open up this month and, soon, there will be more outdoor related activities than an individual can handle. Careful planning is, therefore, a must if you want to get the most enjoyment out of California’s abundant fish and wildlife and the many opportunities to interact with […]

Hypocritical Google Adsense policies

Update April 2019 Sanctimonious Google censors publishers for policy violations that Google itself is violating millions of times! How about this for example: According to Google, we violate their policies by publishing 2 pictures that we took from Google related sources. Guess what? Google promotes and publishes in their search results: 76,000,000 pictures showing ‘offensive […]

Banned pesticide used in unlicensed marijuana grow in Lake County

Use of banned pesticide kills birds and lands woman in court. A 33 year old Fairfield woman used a banned pesticide in her unlicensed marijuana grow in Lake County. The pesticide killed birds and eventually landed the pot growing woman in court. Her green cannabis thumb did not help her avoid a sentence for three […]

Advanced hunting clinics reminder second quarter 2019

The Advanced Hunting Clinics 2019 go one step beyond the basic hunter education course required to pass before a hunting license can be issued to an aspiring hunter. All classes in this series of advanced hunting clinics in 2019 follow the same pattern. They explore and explain how to hunt a specific game, big game, […]

Decriminalization of cannabis creates a boom in illegal indoor grow operations in California

Decriminalization of cannabis is confined to the state level. Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. On the federal level the cultivation of cannabis for the distribution and sale is still illegal. Chinese investors discovered this discrepancy in the decriminalization of cannabisand now are purchasing homes in residential areas as a shortcut investment to […]

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