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Advanced Hunting Clinics June 2014

June will bring us only two scheduled advanced hunting clinics.
Advanced hunting clinics are designed to take “hunters a step beyond the basic Hunter Education course.”
Each of the one day courses includes information on the type of firearm recommended for this specific type of hunting, “ammunition, importance of sighting in the firearm, gauging distance, scouting, tracking, field dressing, shoot-don’t shoot scenarios, hunter ethics, landowner-hunter relationships, conservation, and safety.” These clinics are set up to promote ethical, conservation minded hunting and hunters.

The seminar on Land navigation and wilderness survival is full. The wild pig hunting seminar is still accepting applications.

Wild Pig Hunting Clinic
June 28, 2014
Canada Del Los Osos, Santa Clara County

The Pacific Hunter Educations Association and the Friends of Canada de los Osos Ecological Reserve together will bring hunters up to speed by teaching and demonstrating pig biology, hunting considerations and requirements, methods of take, methods for locating wild pigs, hunting techniques, locations to hunt, care of game and field dressing and skinning a wild pig.
Space is as always limited (50 people) at a cost of $ 45.00 per person. Hunters at 16 and under are free as long as they are in the company of a parent or guardian.
Lunch is $ 10.00 for those who want to taste wild pig.

Download a registration form at or contact Lieutenant Dan Lehman at by e-mail.