Best boar hunting outside of California and out of the box

There is indeed boar hunting outside of California.

Believe it or not: There is best boar hunting outside of California. And some of it is better and easier than what you can find in our state.

But who am I to tell you so? You always knew that, right? So, where can you find the best boar  hunting outside of California? Tell me, please. And no cheating and googling.

Pigs came to the United States on the ships of Columbus and the explorers following him. The shipmates used them as food and set some of them free wherever they landed. Why?

To have some fresh food ready and waiting upon their return. That is how pigs spread throughout the known world and from island to island.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more than half of all wild boar populations in the United States are found in the southern United States.

Distribution of feral pigs in 2002 (

Florida has the original and therefore oldest wild boar population in our country. Biologists estimate the wild boar population of the state to top 500,000 animals.

Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, and Oklahoma also have thriving feral pig populations and, therefore, can offer the best boar hunting anywhere.

And let’s now overlook Hawaii and South Carolina with about 200,000 wild hogs running amok in the States. Wild boar are plentiful on the Hawaiian islands, and so are hunting restrictions and regulations. In this state, your chances for successful boar hunting are much better with a hunting guide because each island has its own regulations and seasons.

Do not overlook best boar hunting in Texas

What’s wrong with my list? Of course, Texas is missing. And that’s a sacrilege because Texas has the highest number of feral pigs of any American state. Population estimates vary wildly but there is a consensus among wildlife biologists and experts that somewhere between 1.5 and 3 million wild boar make for the best wild boar hunting in the United States.

Why so many, you may ask? I have a simplistic answer to your question: Because Texan ranch owners are attracting the pigs to their properties by feeding them regularly from automatic feeders and in bait circles. Well nourished pigs are happy pigs. And happy pigs happily make more pigs to share in the bounty.

Check out my article on the Independence Ranch and look carefully at the pictures.

Pigs do not congregate in such huge numbers naturally – unless free food from feeders is the attraction. The process reminds me somewhat of the sorcerer’s apprentice. He thought he had learned his master’s secret formula for a floor sweeping broom to do the work. Unfortunately, He could call the broom but he forgot how to order it back into the broom closet.

Similarly, it is beneficial at the beginning for your ranch and wild hog hunting business to increase the number of resident pigs on your land. However, once the balance has shifted in favor of the wild boar, what at first was a benefit now has become a plague.

Ranch owners meanwhile know that is almost impossible to get rid of the best boar hunting with standard hunting methods alone. Even night vision, night hunting equipment, automatic weapons, hunting from helicopters, and other methods that are illegal almost everywhere else have not stopped the feral hog expansion.

Feral pig populations are highest in the southern parts of Texas. And it just so happens that the majority of all for profit hog hunting ranches in the State are also located there. What do they all have in common? Automatic feeders, of course.

That does not mean that the northern part of Texas does not have wild hogs and hunting ranches that specialize in the best boar hunting in the world. They do. The Dos Plumas ranch near Abilene is one such example. Yet, there are more.

In the list of best boar hunting places outside of California, Texas should rightfully hold the first place. Where it not for the simple fact, that almost all hog hunting in Texas is done on ranches that treat boar-hunting as a significant source of income. Unfortunately, they are creating the plague of out-of-control wild hog populations and the process.

In that sense, Texan landowners are getting what they are asking for by installing auto-feeders and daily feeding routines. I do not feel sorry for them.

Off the soap box and back to ‘best boar hunting’ outside of California.

What states have the best boar hunting with bow and arrow?

Texas, of course, for the reasons I just explained. Too many pigs crowded into hog-friendly ranches with free food. You will get action in your wallet and on the hunting fields.

Georgia, the sleeper among hog hunting locations. Yet, there are plenty of wild pigs that you can hunt on private land with very few restrictions. The state also has good boar hunting on public land. However, hunters encounter more restrictions on bag limits, weapons, and season, if any.

Oklahoma, is another state hunters tend to overlook when planning an out-of-state hog hunt. Besides hunting feral pigs on private land, public land boar-hunting is not only possible but also good.

Florida saw the first pigs in the 1500th when Hernando DeSoto brought them as food for his men. Ever since Florida has been a great hog hunting state. You hunt them almost any way you like on private land. Public land boar-hunting is also good with reasonable restrictions and rules.

So, hog hunters when you are itching for an exciting hunt that is out of the ordinary, and have a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket, consider one of the best boar hunting opportunities outside of California.

And remember, with the exception of Texas and maybe Florida where guided hog hunts are a real source of secondary income for property owners, in many other less popular states it is relatively easy to get a rancher’s permission to hunt wild boar on their property.

I will cover boar hunting in these states in more detail later this year.


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