Old boars and old writers are hard to kill

As hunters know, wild pigs are difficult to hunt hand hard to kill. This is particularly true for seasoned old male boars that have a few winters under their belly.

And old writers about all things boar may well match this category.

At least when it comes to the founder, publisher, and editor of the California Hunting Post

After a severe illness that terminated his life almost three times, PJJ is now improving though the problem is still persisting despite four surgical procedures and three more to come. We are looking forward to his return.

In the meantime, follow the important CDFW notices to the best of your abilities. Lots of changes are happening.

Good luck, Peter.

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Publisher and Editor in Chief at United Seabears
Peter Jaeckle is the publisher and Chief Editor of the California Hunting Post.You can find him also on Google+,Twitter, Facebook and on many other sites. Over the past decades he has written on investments, dogs and dog rescue, economic and on environmental topics.

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