California Hunting Post


Hunting wild pigs in California

News, information, tips, locations, how and where to hunt wild pigs in California and worldwide.

The California Hunting Post is a scheduled publication about hunting wild pigs, big game, game habitats, wildlife-related environmental concerns, fishing and the outdoors.

Hunters, writing for hunters, present timely wild pig hunting news, facts about wild pigs, research related to wild hogs and other big game.

And we do not neglect fishing information, important environmental concerns, and habitat preservation

Our sister site “On Hunting Boar” features books related to boar and wild pig hunting.

The California Hunting Post organizes articles broadly in seven categories:

Featured Article explores one particular hunting topic in-depth every month.

Wild Pig Hunting/Boar Hunting News and reports on boar-hunting in California and worldwide.

Fishing Important fishing news and schedules.

Habitat and Environment Significant developments and data about wildlife habitats and the environment.

Catchall Holds articles that fit into more than one category or into none.

News Bulletin Brief notes on news-worthy items related to our major categories.

Browse the California Hunting Post using these categories as your guide. Search for a specific article using the search function on the left. See a list of the latest articles on the right sidebar of the front page.

There is always something new to learn here about hunting wild pigs. So, stop by often and see what is new in wild boar-hunting and the wide world of hunting in general.

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Peter Jaeckle is the publisher and Chief Editor of the California Hunting Post.You can find him also on Google+,Twitter, Facebook and on many other sites. Over the past decades he has written on investments, dogs and dog rescue, economic and on environmental topics.

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