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Steal Peat – Pay Large Penalty

Two individuals hit with one of the largest settlement fees ever assessed in California against non-corporate entities.

The Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), Charlton H. Bonham, proudly announced one of the largest penalty settlements in the history of California against two Humboldt County residents who entered felony and misdemeanor pleas regarding violations of the Clean Water Act. The plea agreements are the consequence of a severe case of illegal peat mining from sensitive wetlands in the Bridgeville area near Highway 36. The two residents of Humboldt County violated section 404 of the Clean Water Act.

 “While none of us are pleased at such severe damage to our natural resources, this outcome sends an encouraging signal that large-scale environmental crimes will be prosecuted fully. We are incredibly proud of our environmental scientists and wildlife officers who were involved in this case. . .”, said Director Bonham in his brief statement regarding the case.


PS: The CDFW release points to a source for more details. Unfortunately, we could not find such details on the referenced link. But if you like to read some real-life crime stories and/or court actions, you can find some interesting reports there.