CDFW Law Enforcement Academy deadline looming

The deadline to apply for the CDFW Law Enforcement Academy of 2018 is approaching rapidly. If interested in becoming a CDFW law enforcement officer, you need to submit your complete application by October 17, 2016.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is accepting applications for the 2018 CDFW law enforcement training academy until October 17, 2016. Successful applicants first attend the law enforcement training facility at Butte College, located near Chico in northern California. There they receive the Peace Officer Standards of Training training.

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Applicants will become fully sworn peace officers after successfully graduating from the CDFW law enforcement academy.

Thereafter, the newly trained cadets work for several months with an experienced field training officer to practice their newly acquired skills in real-life situations.

In a typical hiring cycle, CDFW receives more than 600 applications. Wildlife officers primarily enforce hunting and fishing laws. However, they are also responsible for the protection of the environment and wildlife habitats. These officers disseminate hunting and fishing information to the public, promote and coordinate hunter education, and safe handling of firearms.

More importantly, they also have the authority to enforce all California laws. That includes the Penal Code, Vehicle Code, and Health and Safety drug laws. Their general duties are to protect and to serve Californians. Wildlife officers enforce a wider variety of laws than some other law enforcement officers. Annually, they have contact with over 295,000 people. They also issue mare than 15,000 citations per year.

Love the outdoors?

Nevertheless, CDFW wants to hire qualified applicants with a great love for the outdoors and a keen interest in fishing and hunting. They should also be passionate about conservation and the protection of habitats and the environment.

You can find information on the requirements and minimum qualifications for becoming a cadet in the CDFW wildlife officer program at

Additional informational materials are at the law enforcement website of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Both the job posting and the application forms are online

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