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Marijuana Grows Exacerbate Drought

A new gold rush is sweeping California. It promises to exceed the classic gold rush of lore – and last longer. Upstanding, honest entrepreneurs and shady characters determined to get rich quick are running in troves to the hills. Their goal: To start…

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Invasive Species on the Move

The 800 pound gorilla of invasive species in the United States is the feral or wild pig. In Europe other populations of invasive species are well established – and expanding their range. Plans to eradicate and eliminate the invaders are not yet propo…

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Invasive Species - Canada Goose in flight

Feral Pig Eradication-Part II

Feral pig density and damage to the environment.

We concluded the first part with the question “ What other exaggerations served to blindside politicians, decision makers and the public into supporting the feral pig eradication program?”

Well, …

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Feral Pig eradication - Pig Density

Feral Pig Eradication Revisited

Feral Pig Eradication Cleveland National Forest and eastern San Diego County Revisited
In July 2014 San Diego County supervisors unanimously approved a campaign of feral pig eradication by trapping and shooting. This vote culminates the expensive an…

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California Hunting Post 2015



Publisher and Editor in Chief at United Seabears
Peter Jaeckle is the publisher and Chief Editor of the California Hunting Post.You can find him also on Google+,Twitter, Facebook and on many other sites. Over the past decades he has written on investments, dogs and dog rescue, economic and on environmental topics.

The new year brings important changes to the California Hunting Post. New monthly series ‘Featured Article’, dedicated server and secure connections. Proven concepts stay unchanged.

The California Hunting Post created a new feature for the year 2015. We call it “Featured Article”. We will publish one monthly. The new feature will be an addition to the already existing categories and recurring topics. Among those are monthly reports on advanced hunting clinics, boar and wild pigs in the news locally and worldwide and our somewhat neglected series ‘Did you know?’

Readers of the California Hunting Post will continue to benefit from the News Bulletin, habitat and environment related reports as well special news on fishing and hunting in general.

The California Hunting Post continues to look out for out-of-state and foreign contributors who have quality content to contribute. Feel free to contact us if you have something of value to share with fellow hunters and readers.

We are also working on some other new features of the California Hunting Post and/or related publications. At this time these efforts are in the beginning stages. It is too early to talk about any of them. Some may even never make it to the publication stage. We will have to wait and see.

As many of you know the California Hunting Post experienced several temporary outages during the past year. They were mainly due to technical changes we made on the fly and on a live publication. This year we will do our best to avoid such incidents.

Another noteworthy change is that the California Hunting Post now is running on a dedicated server. It has its own server address. This allows us to use SSL encryption to secure critical and sensitive parts of our site. From now on business and mail communications are secured.

You can visit our site on a secure server. Just enter into your browser to get the secured site.

Please note however that some sections of the published articles and links to other sites may contain materials that are not secured. This applies particularly to images and to text quoted from unsecured third-party sites. Your browser may give you a dire warning about viruses, malware and other undesirable materials. This happens when third-party materials we quote or link to are not secure or contain scripts.

We can deal with the situation by either eliminating slowly all materials that trigger the warnings from published articles, linking only to secure content in the future posts or not use any third-party materials at all. The latter is out of the question.

It will take considerable time and efforts to locate and remove all unsecured content from now close to 1, 000 articles. It essentially means that we all will have to live with the scary browser warnings for a while.

However please be assured that all essential content and communications with readers are over secured links between our server and business partners and visitors.

The first ‘Featured Article’ will look back on the controversy over wild pig eradication in San Diego county. Pigs released allegedly onto an Indian Reservation in San Diego county did not respect reservation boundaries. They proliferated and expanded into adjacent lands where they trampled amphibians, urinated and wallowed in small creeks, damaged roadside banks and felled trees in a watershed – if one can believe the propaganda disseminated by the Nature Conservancy, prepared for it by the San Diego Natural History Museum. The Forest Service in cooperation with the Nature Conservancy hired a plethora of specialists to direct and orchestrate a one-sided public relations campaign. The goal was to solicit approval and funds for an expensive eradication campaign. It was designed to eventually employ ‘professional hunters’ with traps and helicopters to get rid of the feral pigs. These professional hunters had once before worked with the Conservancy on an equally controversial campaign after the Conservancy gained control and possession over an island off the coast of California.